8 Habits That Kill Your Creativity

Too often, too many think creativity is a spark of IQ. Creative people are born creative and some of us are born without that spark.

Science on other hand proves that creativity is primary learned skill and anyone with determination and hard work can have a creative life.


As every other skill creativity does want you to put lots of effort into it and give yourself that extra push to imaginary level and take you to new wonderful route towards success.

Why some people seem more creative than the rest of us? Maybe when you try to learn  to be creative, the habits get in your way, my way, and so many others way.

Before these habits kill your creative side,  learn to break and cut them habits out of your life.

1. Too early judgement.

To be creative you need to let yourself loose in your thoughts. Let your ideas run freely in your mind. Keep them coming. If you judge your ideas prematurely then might you end up second guessing and letting less original ideas come to light. Let your creativity flow free without interruption. After a while you will select and polish the best ones.

2. Lack of courage.

Quite often people have great ideas but they never do take on the new road and that because of the fear. But creative ideas can make people stand out only when they are put into practise and action and something bright and different is the outcome of it.

3. Comparing yourself with others.

When we begin to measure ourself by comparing with others then shortfalls appear. It’s because we lose our unique and innovation self.

This is a habit to be broken. Get into creativity mood and let it flow out. No need to compare yourself with anyone else. You are different, as we all are.

4. Avoiding failure.

Being creative means being bold and having the courage to take your imagination to a new stage. But many of us never take ation trying to avoid failure.

Never let failure or mistakes stop your from your venture. Take your chances and step into unknown if you want to be great and make your creativity count.

5. Not embracing uncertainity.

Few months ago I was speaking to this guy about a new opportunity. How sure, how certain are you, he asked me. I said I wasn’t sure at all. I can’t know, because I never did it before.

The beauty of creativity is unfolded through the journey of uncertainity.

6. No confidence.

In the process of unknown is normal to have little doubts. It only makes you aware of this new experience is fragile. That is ok. But if the lack of confidence become overwhelming that affect your abilities to make it all happen.

7. Taking criticism personally.

Feedback helps each one of us to grow, change and improve.  That is the way forward in the creativity process too. It’s not about you as a person, it is about your venture. It’s about moving and growing. So don’t take it personally.

8. Overthinking.

Being creative is natural process. Take your time and let your thoughts run. Let it all out. Then pick the best of it. Overthinking can kill your creativity. So no need for analysis after analysis.

Would you like to get the creativity shine, that’s great. Start by throwing out of the window these bad habits.

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