5 Tips To Bring More Compassion Into Your Life

Does the world we are living in, at twenty first century need a bit more compassion? I think it does, desperately and not just a bit but a lot more. Because there is still so much suffer all around us. So many people out there are homeless, without food, without water, without the necessities of life. And when you see so many people ignore this suffering,  it hurts.


Where is your compassion for another human?

Compassion itself means shared pain and suffer and trying to ease the pain of other. I think if we all practise love and compassion in our lives you would be much happier and out there would be less suffering.

As Dalai Lama says: “Love and compassion are necessities not luxuries.without them humanity cannot survive”.

Down below you find some simple tips to bring more compassion into your life and into this world.


1. Practise self love and self compassion.

We only can give what we have. To give love you must cultivate love. First you may love you yourself, love your family, love your friends, love people. Practise self love and self compassion daily. Meditation is a well known method that help find the inner peace of your heart and Soul.

When you wake every morning tell yourself this: Today I am going to be greatful because I am alive and healthy. Today I am going to think how precious this day is and I must not waste it. Life is good, I can do things to be happy. I can have happy thoughts about myself. I am going to think about other people too. They just like me are trying to be happy. They just like me do not like pain and hurt. They just like me gone through sadness, despair and loneliness.

One very basic form of practising self love is mindfulness meditation. Make it a daily ritual. The benefits are many, physical and emotional.

2. Acknowledge the suffer of others.

To be compassionate we need to be aware of the suffer of others. To acknowlede it you need to live in present and pay attention to this very moment. A homeless person wont be screaming on the streets, they are sitting in their corner with a cardboard that read: I am hungry, help me. They are in middle of us, quietly trying to cope, trying to survive and not bother anyone.

Please notice the suffer of others. And expand your heart, give something with a smile and with love. Maybe more than hungry  they are craving for some love of humanity. But if you don’t stop you will never know.

3. Feel the pain, Show humanity.

In our daily routine we watch people go by. One is laughing. Some are talking. Another one look in distress and has tears in their eyes. Your heart want to respond. Because you care. We do. Go ahead give some love to a human in need of love. That is feeling the pain. And sharing.

4. Building bridges with people.

I met this guy sometime ago. He was so chatty. He spoke to everyone. How’s everything? He asked me. He had this enthusiasm, he was always smiling. But he was like me, like you, like everyone out there. He was going through struggle. I like to talk to people. I like touching people, not with my hands but with my heart. I like building genuine connections with people. He teached me the lesson of building bridges and being compassionate is the way of life.

5. Be kind to yourself and to others.

This is about practising love instead of hate, giving attention instead ignorance, being compassionate instead of being judgemental. We are all human beings. We are different and yet so alike. And we all need the human love to survive in this crazy world. Our similarities outweigh our differences.

Share your love with others and be happier. Practise acts of kindnes and touch people’s hearts. We are here for a reason and I believe the reason being is to make an impact in others lives.

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