8 Ways Of Seeking Significance

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t want to be financially successful? Money is a great motivator. It takes over so many lives. It affects relationships. It chooses the paths for people. It defines how much time and effort you have to put into it. Eventually become a passion and greed, leaving behind broken people and broken lives.


Success is never enough. I don’t know anyone who achieved a great deal of success and stopped. “I have enough money and possessions now, I need to seek something more meaningful  in life”. Nope. It never happens.

Contemplate on the restrictions of success:

  • Success widely depends on national economic climate and even global scale. Downturns which happens  cause the recession and fallen of net worth.
  • Financial success is never sufficient. No amount is a enough amount. No amount satisfies you. It leaves you craving for more and more.
  • Financial success ends when your life ends. From that moment all your success will be transfered to other people.

Take a look at significance:

  • Significance never ends. It will outlast you. Even when you gone your significance still be yours.
  • Significance goes around, keep on giving changing peoples lives. When you positively impact ones life, the Goodness don’t stop. They will change another humans life. Then another, and another and another..
  • Significance fulfill your heart and Soul. When success only make you hungry for more, significance on other hand satisfies your heart and Soul giving you much peace and joy.

If you compare success with significance I believe you choose the latest and don’t waste anymore of your life running after success and feeling miserable at the end of each day.

Down below find some useful ways and seek significance.

1. Realize that you wont live forever.

We all know are days are limited. One day our life comes to an end. We know this and still prefer not to talk about it. But noticing this simple fact will make you to live your time differently. Live for today. Enjoy and plan what is your mark and impact going to be in this world. Be practical make a difference. A small difference counts.

2. Live by example.

You know your values. Live a life by example. Live with integrity and morals.

3. Concentrate on people. Not money.

Spending hours and days searching how to get rich…Maybe now is time to shift your focus in people around you. Pay attention to your family, kids, to your neighbour and the community. Give them your time, energy, effort, love.

4. Make a simple start. Help someone.

This is just to get you started. Stop and help someone. Buy a meal for a homeless person. Buy a drink for a stranger. Can’t afford? Don’t worry. See an elderly person? Stop and ask them how they coping? Genuinly ask them because you can afford it. You can afford to show care and love. And that makes a big difference.

5. Invest in others.

Only when we learn to live with less, will we be able to invest in others. Reducing our day to day expenses also give us more free time to spend with people.

6. Significance don’t depend upon success.

You don’t have to wait be successful and rich to chase significance. Significance should come first. And if success follows, it will find you and your mind in a better place.

7. Find a career of significance.

Most of us have some special skills and talents. If you have a career that you enjoy and using these talents to make a change that is great. If not then you should seek a career of significance.

8. Read stories of people who sought significance.

You must heard about Mother Teresa. She lived her life fighting for others. She dedicated her time to a great cause. Read her life story. It’s a story that has touched soooo many lives. And it will live on to impact many, many more.

Or the stories of Nelson Mandela and others.

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