7 Ways To Cope With Chronic Worrying

Soon as I thought,  would be a good idea to go and  visit my brothers in Italy sometimes soon, a part of me got very excited. The other part begin to worry about many ifs that were gathering fast in my mind for a big party. What if the plane has a mechanical defect? It could happen.. You know..What if all the flights are cancelled? ..What if I can’t book a ticket on time? What should I do? What would happen to my kids if I die on my flight?


Some worries are good because they urge you to take action about that issue. For example if you worrying about debts, you can call the creditors and arrange some payment way that you can afford. Or if I was worry about booking a ticket to travel to Italy before the price rises,  it reminds me to make the rezervation sooner.

When your mind is preoccupied with so many ifs and worst scenarios then here we have a problem of chronic worrying. It not only affect your mental health but also dry all your energy and take a toll on your physical health too.

Constant worry is a mental habit that need to be  broken before it soars the anxiety disorder and depression to high levels.

The question is how do we stop worrying?

1. List your worries. Schedule time for worrying.

Why do we worry too much?

First worrying about something make us think will help. That is a positive belief. Because worry would prepare you to come up with some solutions, get ready to face a problem or even try to avoid certain situations…this way you believe worry protects you..

Secondly is worrying about worrying. Like I wont get to sleep tonight because of worrying. And is the worrying about getting to sleep that will keep you awake.

Make a list of all your worries. Then schedule sometime to deal with these problems. How many of these problems can be solved?

Maybe you think why can we just stop worrying right now right here?

That doesn’t happen because the more we think to stop a thought in our mind the stronger and more persistent that thought become.

That is why you should allow yourself to worry but only for the time you plan it. After that should be free worry, time.

2. Take action for solvable worries.

We know there is some problems we can fix, and many others might be out of our control. So focus on the problem and list the solutions. Put it down in writing. Then think, which one is the best option. It might wont be the perfect outcome but you know this is all what you can do at this moment.

3. Embrace unsolvable worries.

Worrying keeps you aware of something bad going to happen. You want to stop these thoughts but they turn into emotions. Fear and doubts of uncertainity. We can’t worry away our worries. The only way to deal with unsolvable worries is by learning to embrace these unpleasant feelings in life. Accepting that emotions just like life, don’t always make sense, but they are part of our lives.

4. Challenge negative thoughts.

Chronic worry and anxiety make things look much more worse than they are in reality.

Challenge your negative thoughts:

What fact is there to prove this thought is true?  No facts.

Look at the situation from another prespective? This can be closer to the truth.

If it happens what are all the possible outcomes? What is the worst that can happen?

Is this worrying helping or hurting you?


5. Embrace uncertainity.

Quiet often our worries come when we try to predict the outcome of a situation. It don’t work. Thinking of worst scenario wont stop bad things from happening..

Accept that we can’t know what the future holds in store for us. Uncertainty exist. Let it be and enjoy life as it unfolds. Think, you are healthy right now and you can do many things that will bring joy and bliss instead of worring what is going to happened in ten years time.

6. Cut out of life negative people.

Take notice of people who you spend time with. If there is one that make you feel worry and axious about life cut them out.

7. Share your worries.

Psychologists recommend the talk therapy works. You confess to a close friend what is worrying you. Most likely you’ll discuss it and get to the root of the issue.

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