7 Tips To Write A Great Job Advert

Are you an employer of a big company? If yes then you must know how crucial is for your company to employ the best people. They are and always be the greatest resource for your business.

However if you live in UK and happen to have been seeking employement you must have seen the most job advertisers are not even following the simple rules that makes a job advert complete. Interestingly they seem to miss the rewards  part of the job. There is a short job description, duties and responsibilities, qualifications, and that is it….


Let me remind these employers or their representatives who write these job adverts: Out there is plenty people desperately looking for a work. Obviously you know that. But do you know why the need a job? Simply to support themselves and their families. They are not there only for your convenience, to fill a vacancy you need and work for you so you can be a big man and a big success. Surely you should know better….

Also an emloyer should not just seek a random employee they should aim to get the best person for the vacant posistion. That can only happen if a job advert is appealing.

What makes a job advert appealing?

1. An attractive job title.

What you want is a short job title that will catch the attention to many readers. Also when people search online is more liky they use short phrases or keywords to find what they want.

If you’re hesitant as how to make a job title appealing for too many, search for desired job title. It will come out with so many examples and make it easy for you.

2. Duties and reponsibilities.

In fact most do start with a short introduction of the company. Keep it short though as people seem to lose interest fairly quickly.

List the main tasks from three to seven that the successful person need to undertake. Make a point how this role will help reach the business objectives. The canditate then can foresee how the job fits into the company.

3. Skills and qualifications.

What requirements are you looking for in the ideal applicant. Divide between what skills and qualifications are necessary for role and what would be an advantage. To avoid the applicants that  are not the right fit for the company make it clear for strict criteria they have to meet.

For example, for this role you must hold a driver’s licence also a use of a car, due to the location of the business.

4. Salary and rewards.

This includes the salary information and also other benefits that come with the role. You need to make it more interesting than your competitors. For example:  free gym membership, free child care vouchers etc.

5. Your company and location.

Maybe afterwards you like to add some more information about your business. What you are known for? Your operation area. Where is your company based and does this job include any travelling?


6. Work place reviews.

Many employers have now added the company reviews. This is employees reviews about this business. The opinions of people that been working for the company in the past. What they like about it. And maybe what they don’t like about it. In fact this will give applicants a clear idea about where it suits them or it does not.

7. How to apply.

The final step is a simple guide of what is the next step to apply for the position. Many advertisers like Indeed, Monster, have made it easy for you by placing a Apply Now, button but you must have a CV with them first.

Good luck to all!

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