3 Ways To Control Your Fears

I wish I could say, I am fearless what you talking about?  In fact men and woman react differently to fears. Whilst women are more likely to talk to a close friend or a family member about their fears men on other hand do not like to admit fear. This because most men view fear as weakness.


But yes men just like woman are human and they do have fears in life. It could be: fear they going to lose their job, fear they wont have enough money to pay bills, fear of their relationship is going to end, fear of they going to die in sleep, fear while they driving, fear of unknown…. These are only few to mention.

Fear is a invisible barrier that stops us right in the track. Some psychologists believe a bit of fear is good for us as keeps you alert always. But when fear become an obsession then is time to face this fear before they start to control you and your life.

1. Be Self-aware of overthinking.

The more we fear something the more we keep overthinking it, the more scarier gets. It’s all in your mind. Fear become powerful this way. Fear can be as big as we make it.

Being self aware you are overthinking about your fear is first step of breaking the circle of overthinking. Getting busy and trying to forget about it wont make it go away. It still be there.

2. Face your fear.

I remember years ago when I was trying to teach a friend of mine to swim. He looked absolutely terrified, and I was telling him he would be just fine. It took only few days. He was started loving it then. I asked him what he thought about all that fear in the early days. I thought I could go down and die, he said.


We need to face our fears. When we do they lose grip they start to fade. If you chase your fear it runs away from you.

Start thinking clear about your fears and take notice of:

  • All fearful thinking is only waste of time.
  • You can’t control everything in life. Good things will happen in life. So will bad things sometimes. Let go of what you can not control and free yourself ftom the unnecessary anxiety. Remember one day your time will be over anyway. So what is the point of worring now?
  • The vast majority of your fears are fake created by mind illusions.
  • There is one thing you can control the way you choose to think about situations and life in general.
  • Only way to enjoy life is by being here and living in the moment of now.

3. Admit and share what you fear.

It takes strength to admit your fear. You are just human not a superman. So the best way to overcome your fears is to admit it to a close friend or a family member. When you share these fears you get the understanding most fears are not even real. Also others sometime will share their experience with you how they dealt with fear and how this feeling could keep you miles away from reaching your full potential.

Don’t fear the fear. Fear is our creation. Take control of your fears and do not let it destroy your future. You know your dream lives on other side of fear.

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5 responses to “3 Ways To Control Your Fears

  1. I love the wisdom in fear not being an enemy but rather the compass pointing to areas that need growth.

    Excellent observations. The only thing I would add is that God invites us to never stop praying, cast our cares on Him because He cares for us, and don’t be afraid. He will never leave or abandon us.

    Pressing this!

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