6 Things To Stop Wasting Time On

Time is money. Time is more valuable than money. Time is precious. Time is limited.

We heard many of these sayings but still often times we get caught in different distractions and end up wasting our time.


1. Stop wasting time on your past.

Now is the present. Now is a gift. Leave the past alone. You can’t mend it or break it. It’s over. The past is a distraction. Stop wasting time travelling in the past. Live in the present and enjoy it.

2. Stop wasting time on social media.

Facebook, twitter, instagram and more. It’s unbelievable how much of our time they suck. We seem to like the glitters and shine. That what we all find in there. “I bought a new BMW. Wow, it’s great”. Take a look and you find the perfect people living in their perfect world.  When you leave might you notice your life is so different. It’s nowhere close to that. So it’s mine. Because our life is real and there is just an illusion to poison your mind. It has let us feeling sad and down. And that is all the good you get from social media.

Stop wasting your time on social media. If you can spare that time everyday spend it doing something meaningful. Take a walk in the nature with yourself.

3. Stop wasting time watching crap on telly.

I am not saying never watch telly. But you get some people who stare at telly like there is no tomorrow. Spending hours watching television, is modern way of wasting your time.

Don’t tell me there is no better things to do. Well I can point you to few of them. Do you like helping people? If yes find a charity and volunteer some of your time.

It’s all about living a genuine life. At the end of your shift you get the feeling of making a difference in one’s day. It’s a nice feeling and you enjoy it more than watching television.

Read books. Take a new course and learn a new skill.


4. Stop wasting time on complaining and comparing.

Counting other people’s possessions would do you not good, believe me. Or comparing yourself with others and feeling unfortunate.

Dwelling on how hard life got is waste of time. Complaining do not change situations, action does. Keep moving, now. Only you can make wonders happen for yourself.

5. Stop wasting your time with negative people.

Low of attraction does work. Keeping a positive attitude and always trying is the way forward to change things in life.

Eleminate negative people from your life. Not only they waste your time but when gone they leave  you in a miserable world. This is  real waste of life and if you have a toxic friend you have experienced it so often.

The solution is cut them out of life. As a close friend told me sometime ago: Being alone is miles better than being with negative people.

6. Stop wasting time on nonsense of busyness.

Our lives is just getting busier by day. Work and endless tasks to accomplish. It’s not easy.

Maybe we need to schedule our time a bit better.  We need to work but we also need to play and enjoy. Sometimes is good to stop and notice the beauty of these little moments that create unforgetable memories.

Make time for yourself. Make time for people you love. Life is not complicated. We complicate it. Keep it simple and enjoy. Time is a given gift. Don’t waste it.

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13 responses to “6 Things To Stop Wasting Time On

  1. Love this post Seb. I get tire of people saying they are “SO BUSY” evaluate where time is being spent…some of it is wasted on things that are listed in this post.
    I’m not busy…I’m enjoying life, my minutes are filled with a balance between work and life! Have a great week!

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