8 Tips To Deal With Ups And Downs Of Life

We all know is quite normal to feel down at times. When we do though it feels like is lasting forever. Maybe someone broke your heart and your life doesn’t feel the same anymore. There is this empty space in you. It feels someone is jumping on top of your feelings. It hurts. It hurts deeply.


Or maybe you keep failing on all your attempts to make a good life for yourself and your family. You come to that point when you think: I can’t do this anymore. I am done.

Use deep breathing, psychologists suggest. Good you remember that. You try to take some deep breaths. But it feels your breathing stress. It’s just a never ending cycle. Stress is your oxygen…..

How we deal with life tough times defines who we really are and what we can really accomplish. When we reach our destination we feel stronger, wiser and we appreciate the struggle.

1. Don’t lose track of your life meanings.

“Failure is good” I read it somewhere. Hold on. But if is that good why everyone hates it. Well maybe the sense is that failure is a lesson to be learned. Then you keep going,  knowing life is not easy, success is never delivered in plate ready to enjoy. You have to fight. You have to fail. When the journey becomes painful, take a little break and think. The feeling of giving up is screaming at you. Remember what it means to you. Is it your life purpose? Then you know what to do.. There is only one option. Keep moving forward. A step at the time.


2. Acknowledge the journey may be stressful.

Yes life itself meant to be hard. Some parts are easier and so enjoyable. Some other parts can get very stressful. You may experience hurt. It gets into your inner world. Don’t try to stop it. Let it in and let it out. It will pass in time. Embrace life with all it’s parts.

3. Not each thought in your mind is a true statement.

When we feel high our thoughts create a happy world within us. In these moments you can’t even imagine life has lows too..

When hard times hit, our thoughts create a sad world within you. It feels never going to be any different.

Thoughts come and go. Situations change. So don’t believe every thought is true. It’s storm now but wont last forever.

4. Stop the blame.

Simply stop the blame. Why do you have to find one or a situation to blame. How does it help. It wont, trust me. Blame no-one. Hate no-one. Blame and hate only bring more misery.

5. The pain need to be felt, because just like love is part of life.

When journey become painful, when your heart feels broken, we want to run away. It’s a normal instinctive response to hurt. The thing is you can’t run away. You need to get through it. Be strong and feel the pain. Would be great if you could fake a smile.


6. With hurt comes change.

Humans face different stuggles in life. I mean struggles are different but pain they cause is the same. I know it hurts. But every tough situation is a challenge we need to face. One day when it’s all over we experience growth. You make the change happen. It feels good then.

When a problem occur in your life, don’t try to run away from it. Because you can’t. View it as an opportunity to learn and grow from it.

7. Forgive and move on.

Whatever happen yesterday is history. If a someone resented you, if you felt angry with yourself, if you can’t stop thinking about it now…. You just keeping yourself a yesterday’s prisoner. Darkness don’t take us out of darknes. Light does. Let the anger and resentment go. Forgivness is a great gift we give to ourselves to walk free from the past and enjoy what today has to offer….

8. Remeber it’s temporary.

When a hour seem to last a day and a day seem to last forever. It’s because of hurt. Look up. There is some clear skies. The storm is going to end at some point. Everything comes to pass. This is temporary too.. So smile, don’t forget the smile.

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2 responses to “8 Tips To Deal With Ups And Downs Of Life

  1. Your posts and suggestions are always so meaningful. I have made my usual presence in WordPress because I was having a difficult week. Acknowledging the journey is difficult and staying focused on our true goals helps to contain our stress. Great post.

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