5 Ways To Live An Authentic Life

Being authentic is the ability to  know your true self and act in alignment with that place.It’s being the esence of real you and doing what you were meant to do.


Authenticity is the awarness of your inner self. It’s your beliefs, your desires, your needs, your power, and your integrity. Then all these put into action to your daily life, to reach and accomplish what your destiny is.

It’s not so easy to live an authentic life. First and foremost you must really know your genuine self. Authenticity is not just the state of being your true self, it’s also a time awarness of your inner evolation. Your values and beliefs, your essence is not stagnant, it evolves from your inner self.

Let’s put in simple terms. Sometimes ago I enjoyed teaching mathematics. It was my passion and that job was fulfilling. I felt complete and I really loved doing it.

But in just few years I notice that wasn’t my true self any longer. I wanted to quit but I also wasn’t clear to what I really wanted. So I went from one job to another, then to another, then to another.

Here you will find some simple ways how to identify your real you and live an authentic life.

1. Redefine your powers and values.

Every human is born with that uniqueness. We have our talents, our desires, our needs, our powers that are different from anyone else. If you want to have authentic life redefine your powers and values.

Take a moment and ask yourself what matter to you? What are your needs and what brings joy in your life? Do you still care to what you do? Is that what you want to for the rest of your life?

If yes then you are in the right track. If the answer to these questions is no, maybe you need to find your genuine self and react from there.

2. Liberate yourself and keep an open mind.

Let yourself loose and explore everyday as it unfolds. Authenticity prosper when you live as whole, away from stress and worries. Also looking at any situation from every prespective possible. Be open minded and self-aware.


3. Fill the void.

When your doing what makes you feel complete life just rolls in a natural way. It’s not perfect, but it fills the void in yourself. It brings joy simply because your actions are coming from within.

4. Notice when you deviate from authenticity.

When we are living an authentic life we are open and honest with ourselves. Because it’s all based in our values. If for some reason we feel no inspiration to carry on with our daily routine, feeling stressed and unhappy, stuck with no idea where to go next then most likely we left the path of authenticity. Time to rithink, time to reconsider our journey.

5. Have faith.

It’s true life is not an easy ride. It has tough times, it has good times. It has it’s high and it’s lows. Being always true to yourself is crucial to follow your path and live your life to the full. You just know it because it feels right.

Have faith when you in doubt. Or when your intuition is giving you other signs. Pay attention to your instincts. Be genuine.

Who we are changes and evolves, thefore being authentic is a lively process, it’s a long journey and as we progress we learn new pieces of our inner self,  we get into deeper levels of our true selves.

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6 responses to “5 Ways To Live An Authentic Life

  1. Great list!! Authenticity is really important for us now a days. Right now we are living in a place full of charms and gliters we are forgetting ourselves. I completely agree with all points specially fill the void and be open minded.


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