11 Top Qualities In A Human Being

Quite often I hear somebody express gratitude for another person: he is a good man. She is a lovely woman. He/she is great person.

A question turn straight on in my head: what qualities make these people good, lovely, great?

Maybe they do things for other people, maybe they are nice to others, maybe their acts of kindness make them great..


1. Being honest.

Being honest means being truthful. Standing up for something you believe. Not lying to others, not cheating on your partner. Honesty is said to be the best policy. But said and done is two different things that keep these miles apart.

2. Being kind.

Kind people make a kind and better world. Saying sorry when you do something wrong, using please and thank you always when you talking to someone, anyone, makes a difference. It means being respectful to others.

A smile, a compliment, helping an elderly person it all counts to a good treat.

3. Being courageous.

Someone insult another person we pretend not hearing it. That is not being courageous. Facing the coward when needed means you stand up for what you believe in.

I was other day in a pub. A drunk pisshead turns up begin to insult everyone. He threatens others, insults, laughs at  face of everyone… When he turns to an old woman my friend stands up. Leave her alone, he says with a firm and angry voice. Leave….now…

Guess what? In seconds the coward runs away.

But how many of us do that?


4. Being Intelligent.

Inteligent people stand out from the crowd. In the way they dress, in the way they talk, in the way they solve problems. Having social skills, being smart, relating to others in each step and just using common sense.

5. Being patient.

Being patient when needed is a treat. You see people standing in a long queue and complaining, how bad this is. But you also see the quiet and patient people who spend a life waiting a never say a word. I admire patient people.

6. Being generous and compassionate.

This is about thinking of others. Being selfless. Giving with a smile and not expecting anything in return but a warm thank you. Easing the pain and sufer  around the world. Being generous and compassionate is a great quality to have. These people are happy and content. They view the world from a different prespective. Lovely people to have around.

7. Being confident.

Self esteem and confidence make people feel good about themselves. A confident person makes others feel confident too.

8. Having some pride.

Too much pride, too much confidence and self esteem can turn people to arrogance. But you do need to have some pride of who you are and what you stand for. It’s a good quality to have.


9. Sense of humour.

We love a person with sense of humour. These people make a difference in everyday people’s lives. Humour heals, doesn’t it.

10. Being joyful.

Happy, cheerful, and joylly people are bright people. They teach us a life lesson. Be happy today, this moment because that what happiness is all about.

11. Being emotionally open.

Having the ability to express yourself to your friends and family and not worring what they may think is a nice treat.

Now bare with me few seconds longer.

In todays modern world these qualities unfortunatelly wont take you very far.

Todays qualities has evolved into being: rich, handsome, good  in bed, good body, has a nice car, has lots of money, funny, will break morals to get ahead, always self-centred.

Am I wrong? You tell me…

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