5 Tips To Stop Feeling Insecure In Your Relationship

Insecurity in relationships can occur for different reasons. Some main causes are low self esteem, judging someone or a situation from their past, having no confidence, self-doubts, inner worries, less communication in relationship.


Here are some of your mind wanders: “She is taking so long to reply to my texts, she doesn’t seem interested anymore.. Is she thinking of someone else. She don’t miss me when I am gone. She use to text me every half hour. She doesn’t love me as she use to. This relationship is going to end. She could be seeing someone behind my back. Other than that why she doesn’t want sex like before.”

Then you turn on to yourself: “I am losing my hair. I no longer look sexy.  I am getting old. I can’t make her happy anymore. What’s wrong with me. I am fat. No wonder she doesn’t want me.”

What we need to do, to stop feeling insecure?

1. Build up yourself esteem.

Low self esteem comes from negative inner voice. Feeling low. If you experience a failure or you might call yourself a failure everyday. You have no self worth.

Building up your self esteem starts:

  • Positive self talk.
  • Exercise .
  • Stop comparing yourself with other people.
  • Stop aiming for perfection.
  • Be appreciative, and focus on things you can change.
  • Be proud of what you have achieved.

If  your relationship is going through a bit of hard time be open and talk to your partner. Only communication can make things better.

Remember also being single it’s not the end of the world. If you’re in unhealthy relationship is much better to end it and liberate yourself ftom all the stress.


2. Stop trying to be a mind reader.

If your partner didn’t answer your text she/he might be busy. If they taking time to answer to your message it don’t mean they are not interested or they don’t miss you.

Give people space. Don’t try to be a mind reader. We are only human. To often we get so stressed and tired. If one say something don’t imagine they mean something else. If he/she do not sit close to you it’s not a sign they don’t love you.

3. Stop seeking perfect relationships.

Stop wasting your life to seek a perfect girlfriend or a perfect friend. In fact once we fall in love with someone they feel perfect for us. But we are not perfect, no-one is. So maybe instead of looking for a perfect relationship just accept people with all their imperfections and their values. Let yourself loose and just enjoy everyday as it unfolds.

4. Stop judging people from their past.

Sometime the past keep haunting us. It don’t mean we’re right in making assumptions. We all have a past. We all have make mistakes. Once you accept someone in your life you need to move on. Just focus on how lovely she is. How caring she is. How great she is.

People make mistakes. It means we are human. People also change and evolve.

Let the past go and be the past. Live in the present and work to make your relationship last.


5. Focus on the positives.

A good relationship is based on love, trust, and respect. If we keep in mind these qualities then your relationship will grow to deep levels.

If you keep trying to have control over your partner on other hand you risk losing them. You can’t force love. It’s a feeling. If one loves you they do. Set them free, they will be back sooner.

Stop looking for deception, stop doubting your partner, stop seeking negatives from your relationship. Stop inventing stuff that never exist.

Life is simple. Do not make it complicated.

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