8 Ways To Laugh More Each Day

How come we laugh less and less each day? When going through tough times when stress has rent a space in your mind and body, laughter is often forgotten. The best medicine, free and with no side effects, has lost it’s popularity.


There must be ways to get laughter back in our lives. Working to improve each day, trying to reach your goals, laughing only helps. At the end of a day remind yourself we only can TRY.

When I go to get my haircut the guy everytime tells me the same joke. I use to laugh as it was funny. Last time I said to him: you gotta to think of a new joke now. That’s not so funny anymore. He laughed.

1. Your laughter is your laughter, love it.

Some people don’t like the tone of their loud laugh. Why? It’s your laughter. Love it each time. Laugh more, it does you good. It feels good to laugh. Your laughter is your identity. Don’t stop laughing just because others maybe wont like it.


2. Invite the positive laughter in everyday life.

Be more willing to laugh each day. First put a big smile into your face. And invite the positive laughter in your life. The best laughter is at no-one’s expense.

3. Practise your sense of humour.

You don’t have to be funny to laugh. Having a sense of humour does help though as we meet people who don’t take life too seriously and just like having a laugh throughout the day. Don’t miss a chance to laugh.

4. Laugh at yourself sometimes.

When you trip over and break your favorite glass don’t stress out.  When you spill your drink all over yourself, don’t make that serious face.  Instead use it to laugh at yourself. We are human, act like human.


5. Create social bonds with funny people.

This a crucial if you like to invite laughter in your daily life. We all met funny people. These people just have a contagious laughter. When we spend time with them we get a lot of belly laughter. We need these people in our lifes. We all do. Every time we met is like we booked a great laugh. It’s all good times.

6. Seek more humour in everyday life.

This is about making an effort to look for humour everyday. Watch funny videos whilst you having a cup of coffee. Read a comedy book. Or find a book with some hilarious jokes and read it.

7. Fake it when you don’t feel like laughing.

There are days in your life you do not feel like laughing. Well fake it for now. Even a fake laugh is better than being miserable.

8. Be happy, laugh more.

Some people have bad days, some people have bad years. Some are in between. Welcome to my world.

Still laughter is a great tool to soothe your soul. Laughter help you get through dark tunnel. It makes your life lighter.

Don’t force a laugh. Laughter should be invited not demanded.

There is ways to laugh more in life. Strart your day with a smile and take it from there.

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