5 Things That Happen When You Follow Your Passion

Tons of words are spelled out about the passion in life. The great benefits you get by following your passion. Why you should follow your passion. It’s never late to jump in your path of passion. The passion will change your life forever.


Yet many people turn their back on their dreams and what they love to do. Most are stuck into a job that provides a good lifestyle for them and their families. Many others don’t even have a job and they can’t afford to think about their passion when they are fighting to find a job to survive.. Plenty of us would love to do what the love to do and get paid. There might be only five to ten percent of people out there that have found their passion and turned into a job they love to do. Isn’t that brilliant?

What keep most of us away from following our passion is the fear we wont make enough money on doing what we love to do. So we keep our passion separated from our job. This maybe have a bit of truth but we can break that barrier if we start on our passion.

There was this guy who loved making music but didn’t have the guts to start. He had a job as a lawer and was making enough money to provide for his family. After few years he loses his job. (There is no job security anymore). He struggles. But in the end he decide to pursue his passion. Today his happy he lost that job. He made his career in music.

Here is why you should make your passion your priority:

1. It doesnt feel like a job it feels like entertainment.

What would you love to do, deep in your heart. Just take the first step and get into it. It’s fun, it’s healthy, it’s so much joy spending hours and making your dream reality. It doesn’t even feel like a job.

2. You feel larger than life.

Some of us do very well in careers that we not even passionate about. That is because the financial side of the job inspire us to make it a success.

Just imagine for a moment what we would do if we working in our dream job. Puting all that effort, energy and talent in what we love. It would be great, you feel larger than life. And most likely others would benefit too if we all pursue our dreams.

3. You connect with your gift powers.

We all as human are born with some special gifts. Most of us never connect with the power of these gifts. When you do what you love only then you’ll link to your gift and the creativity and ideas just flow in a normal way. It feels unbelievable until it happens to you. What a bliss!


4. You meet your true Self.

It’s crazy just thinking so many people live their lives as others expect them to. Why? Because the reality is harsh. We fear of failure and others judgement.

F**k others. This is your life. By pursuing your passion you get to be your true Self. You open your heart, you live an honest life.  It’s truly wonderful.

5. Good news is, It never late to start.

I was watching a quiz programme on television other day and the host asked the guy how old he was and what did he do for living. He said he was in late fifties. At age forty six he went to university. At fifty two he became a architect. I love what I do, he said. You could tell he was a happy man…

So do not think is too late for me. You don’t even have to quit your job. Start in your spare time. Be clear on what your passion is. Do lots of researches in that field. Read about other people who are doing what you want to do. Then start with baby steps. Be firm. Move forward. Let the ceartivity lead you. The rest will unfold, naturally, just be committed.

Just think for a moment for all these great singers out there. What would our life be if they didn’t follow their dreams?

Your gifts are your blessings. Don’t withhold your talent. Share and show the world what you can do. It’s awesome, isn’t it.

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