A Call For Togetherness

Twenty first century and the modern world is teaching us the lesson of dehumanisation. Wars and Crisis. No matter where you’re based, be happy because you’re alive.

Situated in your living room staring at television screen until you get tired then head to bed. Psychologists suggest the power of positive thinking. I couldn’t agree more. If you have no job, no money to pay bills, no money for food… Well, create miracles in your head and be happy until your debitors knock in your door… Sorry they want money not the power of positive thinking…I know.

Try this one. Search on the google how to make extra money and you find thousands of articles that tell you to sell your stuff you don’t use and earn money or fill surveys and earn money or rent a room. If you only have one maybe rent a corner. Yeah it feels everyone is taking a piss.

Selfishness and greed on other hand never been more popular. The gambling shops are shining with bright lights all over and making billions with peoples misery. And politicians ah politicians as always promising to feed you with golden spoon and and eventually telling you there is no spoons at all. What’s wrong with you? Use your hands. It’s only for now.

I still believe together we can change. Just gather with friends and family and plenty other people. Talk, have a laugh and simply enjoy that get together moment. We can do it. We can make change happen. This is a call for TOGETHERNESS.

I love to smile. I love to see other people smile. Many times I think we should do more to help other humans. Don’t look what color is their skin. Don’t judge them of their religion. And don’t wait to be a millionare to help another human being. Do it today. Yes you can. Here is how:

1. Give them a big smile.

Yeah you can give someone a smile, that cost nothing but does make ones day better. It does make a difference. Try it. Just think if we all do that everyday we would make this world a better place, we would be closer with each other. Believe me we would be more human and more happy. Building bridges with other people is miles way better than building walls. Togetherness is who we are not separation.

2. Call a charity and volunteer.

That if you have time is great thing to do. Even an hour or two a week. Do it and help a good cause.

3. Donate clothes you don’t wear.

Do you have clothing you never use. Well someone else somewhere in the globe would be happy to wear these. For you that might be rubbish, for a stranger that would be a treasure.

4. Listen to someones problems.

Out there are people who just need someone to talk. They have so much to get out of their chest. That is all what they want. Another humans ear and attention. Can you manage that?

5. Redirect your gifts.

For once be selfless. Make one you never met smile. Redirect your gifts.

6. Stop, and help.

An old person is trying to change a flat tyre. Stop. Think. Show you care. Help. They will be greatful.

7. Make a donation.

Only if you can afford it. A small donation will give someone some clean water. It’s not a luxury, it’s a need.

8. Offer to talk to someone.

Do you know someone that is going through tough time and depression. Offer to talk. Give hope. Light ones life. Do good. They deserve it. Every human does.

9. Get someone’s shopping done.

In today’s world where services are cut off there is a desperate need to for help. Someone can not manage their shopping. If you know one, offer to help. Remember to help is to embrace change, to help is to embrace humanity.

10. Love.

Practise giving love and see with your own eyes what differece that makes. Love your family, love your children, love your parents, love your friends. Love yourself. Love people. Express unconditional love.

A simple act of kindness, a hug, a nice compliment…it’s a small step towards a big change. It’s all a great call for TOGETHERNESS.

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