5 Ways To Deal With Toxic People

Have you had one of them days when you feeling really high and hopeful then you bump into one you know (friend, family member, a neighbour). They begin to criticize you for not doing what they think is the right thing for you to do. You listen, and everything change,  you feel like crap. These people are called for a reason toxic people. They are so good at negativity in life that in five minutes talk, they will manage to ruin your day.

That is not okay. But how do we deal with them? I am afraid there is not a easy answer or a magic solution. Most advice cutting these people out of your life but this is not always possible. Because a toxic person could be a family member. Moving on from them is not a straight forward thing.

What follows are some simple tips that can help you deal with a toxic person.

1. Avoid these people whenever possible.

I have a toxic friend so I really know what are they like. My other friends have always told me I should really leave him out of my life. I even had an argument with one of my good friends. What do you need him for? He asked me. I have knowing him for years, I said. Yes, but you’re better alone he said. He was right.

They like talking. A lot. They are always in the wrong side of a situation. They have so much experience to drag you down in very little time. In their view this world is up-side down.

Try to avoid these people whenever possible. If you have an option to remove them out of your life do it straight way.

2. Never try to change their mind.

I have tried to change my toxic friend’s mind time and time again. Because I thought that he was not a bad person. But it’s easier to break through a solid wall than to change their mind. Yep, mission impossible.

If you have to listen to them make it a short one. Tell them you really don’t have time to listen to these fantastic great ideas. Maybe tell her/him to save it for next time, and hope that next time never comes. The tuth is if you spend much time with a toxic friend seemingly you can become toxic person too. You see the point. This person can impact you much more than you can affect them.

Let life educate these people when you enjoy yours miles away from their world.

3. Practise compassion.

At times someone going through hard time on their lives can be toxic. It might still frustrates and irritates you but bare in mind their situation. Maybe practise compassion towards these people, and wish them well. Going through struggle in life is tough and it does affect our mind and heart.

4. Don’t let these people limit your joy.

One thing I never seem to understand about these people is why they are such compulsive liers. He lies nintyfive percent of the time. I can see him enjoying it too. He knows he is telling a lie but he himself believes it to be a truth.

Keep away from these people. Establish boundaries with them. Don’t let anyone limit your joy and happiness in life.

5. Know they are toxic.

Numerous of times when dealing with toxic person we start to doubt our values and all the essence that make you the person you are. This is because they can have a great impact in our lives. They are a great source of stress too. Keep in your mind they are toxic people. Do not let these people destroy you or change you in someone you’re not. Keep enjoying your life in what you do and always look in the bright side of a situation.

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4 responses to “5 Ways To Deal With Toxic People

  1. Such a truthful post! These few tips really need to be practiced otherwise it could be harmful to some extent for the person having to deal with someone toxic.

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  2. Truth of a situation is often hardest to spot from the inside. Seems your other friends knew well before you…but inside the situation is often harder to act and often see things for what they are.

    Great post Seb, and very open, honest and true

    Liked by 1 person

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