Does Your Soulmate Exist

There are too many people out there that do believe in their soulmate. A soulmate is the other half of your whole.

I have been in love quite few times. I have loved deeply with all my heart. I also been loved as deeply from these woman. I have felt it in every heartbeat. I have touched it. I have seen it. I have lived it. Well, we all have. When it comes to the soul mate though not so sure. Because a soul mate is eternal, endless.

There are few theories:

1. Karmic relationships.

This is just a deep connection between two partners. All seem so familiar and natural. It feel you have met this person in another life and you been missing each other so much. Words are just not powerful enough to describe how the whole thing feels. It does feel like two halfs have meet and complete.

There is a lot about a karmic connection. It’s more like a spiritual relationship as it is physical connection.

But does it last?

The answer is no. The theory though give this explanation: In a karmic relationship you meet your soulmate. You do complete one another. You both learn a great human lesson. Then you may depart. That’s it. You come into ones lives. You live the part. Goodbye, then.

Karmic connection is about an inner personal experience. They come into our lives to bring an special attention to ourselves. Once they leave a great impact in us, they are gone. The lesson is learned. Basically, they come in your life to point out a part of yourself you didn’t even know it was there.

2. Soulmate, a different prespective.

This theory sees the soulmate from a different prespective. There is more of energy to it. There is this positive relationship, which uplifts your spirit in instant. It can be your best friend, your dad, your mother, brother, your sister. It can be from same gender and it doesn’t have to be your romantic partner.

This theory also suggest that  there can be more than one soulmate in your life.

3. The twin souls.

Or the twin flame connection as they call it. There is this flame betteen two souls, there is this connection of a great energy. They get connected through an immediate attraction. It feels is all energy. When they are apart they are still together. They grow strong. They complete one another. If one is down other one brings it up. They are soulmates. Communication is in their eyes. The connection is real. The connection is in deep level of both souls.

But does it last?

Nah. It’s likely they will separate over the years. So what happens?  The experts of these relationships say things move very fast, or one of the partners propose to take the relationship to next stage and the other seem confused and connection has touched deep and painful emotions that might been suppressed. Then they try to escape the relationship.

One leaves. They live separate lives. But one day  one will realize she/he can’t live without the other half. So this relationship could start all over again and if not one or may both will live with the pain of missing each other for always.

There is nothing unreal with twin souls. They are not protected from so many practical issues that come into relationships. When one issue strike hard then might they call it a day.

“Giving someone a piece of your soul is better than giving a piece of your heart. Because the souls are eternal”.- Helen Boswell.

I always thought a soul mate is forever, for eternity. What do you think?

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