10 Ways To Feel Better About Yourself

Life is a collection of time, hours, days weeks. Some are good days. Some are bad days. In these days which you feel down seem to get very harsh with yourself.

We all have these days. You look at people passing you by and you think this world is a lonely place. No-one cares if you live or die. You feel sad. Then you think you deserve it all.

Here are some ways to feel better about yourself even if you having a bad day.

1. Don’t look back, keep moving.

Just because life gets tough doesnt mean you have to throw stones at yourself. What about being your own best friend. You get the point. Tough times wont last. Everything in life is temporary. Even life itself. Keep going. Look for inspiration. Keep up your hopes.Better days wait for you ahead.

2. Believe in yourself.

Self belief comes from your inner strengths. You know you can get through it. You know your stronger than tough times. Smile.

3. Be friends with life.

Embrace life as it comes. World is not against you. Focus on your opportunities. If one goes to a dead end then look from another prespective. Punishing yourself is not the answer.

4. Control your thoughts.

It’s hard to think positive when things don’t go to plan. But even in a negative situation have the ability to find a bright side. Keep control of your thoughts. And laugh at yourself. Tomorrow is another day. Who knows what it brings.

5. When you feel weak call in your strengths.

We all have some weak moments in life. Especially if that hard time seem to last forever. But hey call in your strengths. Remember last time it was even worse. But you survived.

6. Love yourself.

It’s easy to be your worst enemy to yourself. It can make your life a hell a lot harder. So think and think again deeper and harder. Learn to love yourself. We only live once and yes life is not always easy and simple. But be gentle to yourself. We all go through tough times. We all make mistakes. We all experience failure. So it’s not just you. You are human. You are trying. You are trying hard. And that is all what you can do.

7. Your desire can drive you beyond your integrity.

Having a desire can be a great motivation tool. Maybe at times you just want something too much. It can very painful. If you can’t afford it, no need to torture yourself. As long as you meet your needs there is a way of being happy. Don’t you think?

8. Remember you can’t fix the world.

If you’re sensitive person maybe turn the television off and don’t watch news. So much of bad news everyday. You might feel something need to be done. You not alone but remember we can’t control everything.

9. Overcome your fears.

It’s quite normal to have fears in life. Psychologists suggest that being a bit scared can make you better. It’s like knowing is not easy but knowing you still can do it. Overcoming these fears make us stronger.

10. Know disappointment is part of life.

Everyone fails at some point in life. The most successful people they failed too. It teach you a powerful lesson: disappointment is part of life.

So live life as it unfolds. Laugh as much as you can each day. Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is another chance to improve and be happier.

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5 responses to “10 Ways To Feel Better About Yourself

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  2. Good post. Lots of good advice here. Love yourself, remembering you can’t fix the world, and accepting disappointment that come our way is so important. When we learn these lessons we can evolve into our true selves.

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