7 Steps To Attract More Love Into Your Life

Love takes us high. Love makes us fly. Filled with joy and bliss. Such a special great feeling. And lets be honest. No matter how much love you get, you never get enough. There is still space for more love in your heart. There always will be. Our hearts are source of producing love and yet receiving more love. Love is our hearts destiny.

People who practise love are happy people. You can read it in their faces. You can see the love, they are wearing it all over.

Are you yearning to attract more love in your life. No need to worry. Recipe is very easy to follow.

1. Invite unconditional love.

You heard the saying: he/she is a lovely person. Who is this lovely person? The person who gives love unconditionally. Just give. Open your heart and let it flow out. Your heart wont run out of love. It never runs out of love. Your heart is just a little magic factory of love.

Love your family. Love your children. Love your true friends. Love people. It’s not hard to invite love into your life. First and foremost give lots of love. Let it go, let it go.  It will come back into your heart again, as they say what goes around comes around.

A stranger smiles at you. It’s not weird. He/she is happy. They are giving you some love to be happy too. It’s a great gesture. If possible pass that smile into someone else. Let love travel around in circles. Let love make a difference in peoples lives.

2. Love yourself.

Begin by loving yourself. Love the person in front of the mirror. Be gentle,  be nice to yourself. Be loving. Be positive. Be cheerful. Be happy.

Remember the first time you fell in love. Looking the stars in the sky. Holding hands. Kissing. Deeply.

3. Know who you are and what you want.

Are you looking for romantic partner? If the answer is yes then first know who you are and you want in a partner.

I would say most people looking for love get disappointed because they have a ideal partner in their mind and they don’t seem to find them.

Are they looking in the wrong places? Maybe not. Why can they not find the love of their life then. Maybe too high expectations. Maybe the ideal person is the perfect guy for them. Maybe….

I am not saying you have to settle for the second best. But just be as real as you can. And remember the imperfections make us human. Keep looking!

4. Believe in yourself.

When you believe in yourself you’ll achieve what you are aiming for. If you believe you will attract the right partner then you will. Positive energy attract positive energy.

5. Open your heart to love.

Count your blessings. Appreciate life as it comes. Life is precious gift. Life is a beautiful experience. We learn, we grow, we live, we love.

The only way to attract love is by giving love. Open your heart and let the love freely out. Let it flow in a natural way. Let it go.

It will come back. It wont knock if your heart is open. But once it’s there you will feel it. I promise.

6. Be in the present moment.

If someone once broke your heart, don’t think about it now. At least you learned something from that story. Let it go and be in the present. Live in this very moment. Breathe. Take some deep breaths. You are here. Don’t be affraid to love again. You know love is beautiful. Let it in, let it invade your heart.

7. Dream the dream.

You create a dream. You craft it so beautifully. Your dream brings hope and inspiration. You feel you can touch the skies. You feel limitless. You believe in your dream because you believe. You simply believe.

You dream the wildest dream. You feel powerful. The feelings of love make you dream the dream. Love makes you live that dream.

Photo Credit Pixabay

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