5 Ways To Deal With Envy

Psychologists advice that comparing ourselves with other people is never a good idea. Most the time we can’t help ourself though. Even when we don’t want to we end up thinking about how successful this guy is… How great that author was selling his blog for $100 million…. How some people manage to buy these luxerious expensive cars…How your neighbour managed to build this terrific house… I could go on and on counting other people possessions. But I don’t want to waste anymore of my precious time.

When you think about other people possessions you either begin to feel sad or bitter. What you forget in that moment is maybe would be better idea to compare yourself with less fortunate people than you. Yes there are millions of people who go hungry everyday never mind the possessions you’re dreaming of.

But why compare anyway? You are unique in this planet. You have your own look, you have your inner world, you have your vision. You have your wisdom and experience.  You are you.

The envious feelings can consume your thoughts,  can take your time, can impact your life in a negative way, can drain all the positive energy from you.

How to deal with envy:

1. Talk it out with your best friend or a family member.

He/she is your best friend overall because they do not judge you. Whatever you tell them they are ok with it. They will comfort you. You also liberate yourself by letting it out.

2. Write a journal.

This is easy way to express the feelings of envy. Write how you exactly feel. Why you feel envious? You can confess everything to yourself. You may feel little better because you are sharing these feeling with yourself.

3. They may have much more than you,  it doesn’t mean they have a perfect life.

You only know what you might seen. Yes they got an expensive car. And a gorgeous and sexy girlfriend to go with… They may have more money than you… But that is all what you know about them…

Bare in your mind no-one’s life is perfect. Also there is much more information you don’t know about these people.

4. Stop judging yourself so harsh.

When you focus on someone else career, possessions, partner, intelligence you take a deep negative step towards yourself. You look at yourself and all these qualities this person has you seem to distinguish them as your own shortcomings. You need to back down from this non favorable judgement.

People come from different walks of life. Some are more lucky than others. Some have more ability and skills than we do.

We are different. We find happiness in separate ways.

5. Focus on your own life and your own happiness.

Instead of being envious, change your thoughts and be more appreciative. Why torture yourself with possessions you may can’t afford?  Focus on what you have created in your life. Focus your attention on these people around who give you so much love and joy. Don’t you think you are being just crazy. Would you swap what you have in life with these meaningless possessions? The answer is NO. Love and joy is all what you need to be happy. So be happy and greatful.

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