8 Steps To Improve Your Memory

Being healthy is crucial for everything and at any age in  life. As you get older though your memory start to decline. But it does not affect all people in the same way. There are many things you can do to have a healthy life and more over a healthy brain.

Psychologists say three are the causes of the memory problems: disease, truma and neglect.

In the first two there is not much you can do to improve. When it comes to neglect you have the ability to change things though.

A daily routine, doing same thing everyday at same way may contribute to loss connections in your memory. You know there are stored information like: birthdays of your family members, names of family members and friends and other imoprtant data. Left unattended for while it will cause the loss of that information from your memory.

1. Pay full attention to the information source.

At times we are caught off guard. If someone is talking to you and you might be looking at this person but thinking of something different to what they talking, it’s likely you totally missing the information. To store the right data in your memory first you must:

  • Pay full attention.
  • Listen very carefully.
  • Fully understand.

Only then you be able to store the correct information.

2. Keep your mind sharp with mind exercises.

Maintaining your memory is about keeping your mind sharp.What helps to stimulate all the parts of your brain?

Again a variety of things. Some parts of brain get activated by crossword puzzles. Some other parts by practising maths sums. Also by doing different things each day.

Like if you ride your bicycle do it at different routes. Talk to your family and friends regularly. Basically use your brain. Be creative.

3. Control stress.

This is a tough one. As keeping stress under control can result a very a hard task. On other hand is proven how stress affects  our ability to attend, focus, store and retrieve information.

Most powerful way to immediately  control stress is by taking deep breaths.

4. Eat healthy.

What food we eat affect a great deal our body and our brain.Food that is high in protein is very good for your memory part of brain. Turmeric is also good for you.

5. Rest and sleep.

That is critical too for your brain. This is not just having enough sleep everynight but also having a good quality of sleep. What helps here is going to bed at the same time and waking at the same time in the morning if possible and keeping electronics out of the bedroom. Also avoid caffeine from afternoons.

6. Exercise.

Another great factor to healthy body-mind is exercise. Daily exercise is very easy too. Just walk or run 15 to 20 minutes a day. Or turn the music on and dance for 15 minutes. Pick one that you enjoy.

7. Be careful when using perscription drugs.

Sometimes you have to use drugs or pain killers. Be careful. Always read the side effects. Experts say there are too many drugs that can affect your memory.

8. Say NO to smoking and exessive alcohol.

There is said more than enough about the harm that smoking can cause to your health. Drinking  alcohol in moderation is not a risk. But it can affect your memory if you use alcohol daily and  exessively.

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