13 Ways To Live Not Just Exist

We landed in the planet earth in that very moment we were born. Maybe at different times but all with the same single mission: TO LIVE OUR LIFE.

And we all try. I know some have it harder than others. Some have to wake up everyday and look after a sick loved one. Some have to spend their days with jobs they hate. Some worse have no jobs at all. And some others even worse they have to start and end their days hungry….

These not to make you feel bad, these are just facts that show for the real people life is real battle of struggle. But, here is a big BUT, our mission in life don’t change, it’s still the same, to live and not merely exist…

What follows is not some genius tips just some simple ideas that hopefully catch your attention and make a difference in your day.

1. Start your day by wearing first thing, your smile.

It matters, believe you me. Because by putting a big smile first thing you willing to enjoy this day. You smile says: good morning people. By wearing your smile you taking a very little step  to a nice day ahead. Smile and be willing to laugh. You want to live. I do too. Everyone does. But it’s not forever. Our days are limited. So enjoy every moment of your life and try to make it as exciting as possible.

2. Open your heart to love.

Love is such a magic feeling. Give and receive love. Giving love is more valuable than giving possessions. You know is true. I am not talking just about romantic love. I am talking about loving your family. Loving and appreciating your parents if they still around. Loving your brothers and your sisters. Loving your kids with all your heart.  I am talking about giving love to other people who really need your love. And love goes around  in everyones heart healing, bringing some happiness. As it goes around it will come back  to you making you happy too. Love make a difference in humanity. No doubts, love does wonders. Open your heart people let love out, let love in.

3. Switch off electronics and get outside.

Be on the move. Dance in the rain. Enjoy sunshine. Walk. Run. Listen to the birds song. Stop and take some deep breaths. Salute people. Communicate with nature. Hug a tree. This is the moment. This is not only exercise. This is being alive.

4. Break up the routine.

What we do everyday become a routine. We say it’s fine. It’s not fine. Break up the routine every so often. Start your day differently. Walk in a different route. Take a new approach to your work. See the world from a different prespective.

Find out what is excitement for you and go after it. It may be your passion or your hobbies. Turn it an exciting adventure. Live it today. Live it everyday.

5. If you going through tough time – take the pain…..

And turn it into: a better you, a stronger you, a wiser you.

Yes life is not just a free ride filled with fun. Life can be really tough. Struggles are unalike. Pain is pain, always the same. It hurts. Remember is part of life. Remember you not alone. And it’s temporary. The dark tunnel has an end…

6. Be your true self.

Know yourself. Accept yourself. Be yourself. All the way.

7. Learn something new as you go.

Don’t stand still. Be a constant learner. Everyday is another chance to improve. Read a new book. Learn a new skill or a new language. Widen your horizon. Open your possibilities. You never can learn enough. Don’t think how much you know, think how much you don’t.

8. Take chances.

Chances come along for all of us. But we let them go. We like comfort. We can’t risk.

Grab your chances with both hands. That opportunity can be one in life time. Make it happen. Make it great.

9. Spend time with friends.

Make time for your family and friends. They make us feel alive. They bring laughter and joy in our lives. They are a big part of who you are.

10. Appreciate what you have in life.

Way to often we take people and things for granted. Until one day we lose them. Stop and say a huge genuine thank you to these people. Express a deep appreciation. Daily.

11. Let go of all negativity around you.

Negative people can affect your life. Avoid them when you can. Let go of negativity.

12. Seize the little moments that life generously give you.

Play with your kids. It’s a little game. It means so much to them. Watch the sunset. It feels good. Hold your partners hand. Give her/him a long kiss.

Those little moments in the end will make your book a great read.

13. Let go if there is more pain than joy.

Sometimes we keep hold of someone or a situation even though they give you more pain than joy. Things change. People change. Let go. You never know what the future holds for you. After every end there is a new beginning.

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11 responses to “13 Ways To Live Not Just Exist

  1. I really like the suggestion of turning off the electronics. Social media is preventing us from being social. Face to face conversations are virtually extinct. There is more to life than Facebook, blogging, twitter, etc.

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