4 Steps To Remove Your Limiting Beliefs

Humans have a wide different range of beliefs. They are formed through repeat thinking about an assupmtion or about a notion. It all starts at a very early age. As time goes by we hold onto those believes as completely true statements. Then after all you identify those beliefs with yourself. Your belief system attract a certain life style.

The truth is a lot of our beliefs are negative limiting beliefs. Down below are some common limiting beliefs:

  • I am not enough.
  • I don’t have enough.
  • Life always been unfair for me.
  • I am never going to succeed.
  • I am a bad writer.
  • I never can make enough money.
  • I don’t deserve to be happy.
  • I am going to lose this job.
  • I am always going to be a loser.
  • I am stupid.
  • I never can be for too long in a relationship.

Many of these statetments have the word “always” and “never”. You want to know why? Because they are formed through a bad expeience you had in the past in your life. And word “always” here is identify you as failure. Like you should never try this again because you always be a failure. It also react as a protector to the next failure. So be cautious, do not take that step. It’s serves like a warning.

But is it protecting us, or limiting us from having to try and accomplish these goals that really matter in our lives..

You hold onto these limiting beliefs as very true statements and by doing so you place many road blocks in our way of life.

Good news is there is ways to remove these beliefs from your mind and move on with life.

1. Face your limiting beliefs.

One at the time. Let’s take an example. You having difficulties finding a partner and being in long term relationship. You believe you’re ugly and not a single woman is interested in you.

Write it down. Stare at this belief. How true is it? Is it really true?

The answer is: no, not true. Not true at all. Your past relationships failed not because of your looks but you weren’t right for one another.

2. Accept and admit your belief is not true.

This can be most challenging step. Even when you tell yourself that is not a true affirmation you face another barrier. Then why haven’t you found the true love yet?

This is still coming from same source of this belief. Your limitations are not real. Now you have a choice. Defend your negative belief or remove it out of your head.

3. Replace limiting belief with a new positive one.

Remove that negative belief and replace it with a new one that aligns with what you want to achieve. If you have had a bad and unhealthy relationships in the past tell yourself that experience tought you there is certain things to look for in your new loving partner. Or if you had tough financial time in the past now your fully prepared and know what measures to take.

4. Take action based on this new belief.

Now you have managed to change your vision is time to take action and change your life. What form of action to take? It depends what field and goals you want to achieve. If you looking for love now you believe you look good. You know what steps to take and how to act with ladies. Like going to parties and acting as a confident and proper gentelman. Or if you want to improve your financial situation act upon it. Be wise and know you can do it. You can get a better job that pays well. What you have do is research and apply. Keep trying non-stop.

If we refuse to take action based on new beliefs,  slowly the old limiting beliefs will walk their way back in your mind.

Think for every “NO” that stops in your mind there is a “YES” to be found. For every “I CAN’T” that stops you from taking action there is a “I CAN” hidding in some corner of your mind. We are born with enough. We are enough. React fast and remove all that crap from your mind then you will feel the power to climb to the skies.

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