6 Things You Should Stop Expecting From Others

Life is full of disappointments because we have high expectation from others around us. If you having a bad day and you hear one laughing loud you feel annoyed and distracted. It’s obvious they are enjoying their day whilst you feeling miserable. You expect them to have some symathy but they living in a different world. Seemingly they haven’t notice you are here.

You, like every human in planet earth, like to be happy. Then:

1. Stop expecting others to approve whatever you do.

Truth is people do have expectations for themselves. They set the bar high enough to achieve success. High expectations is good and healthy, as long as they are in your reach. Then you follow some kind of action to accomplish these goals.

But don’t expect me or anyone to agree with you on your plans. People around you maybe wont approve your life style or your business type. That is completely normal.

If you want to be happy live your life in the way you want. Stop expecting others approval to be happy.

2. Stop expecting others to change for you.

I like happy people. The laughter and all that contagious positivity. It feels they spread goodness all around them. They are so confident in life. They seem to have everything under control.

The thing is some of these people expect everyone around to be just like them. Then disapointments follow. Stop misplacing expectations. Stop expecting others to change for you. You might are great and happy, but I am as great and happy on my own way.

3. Stop expecting others to know what you think.

People are not mind readers. How does your boss know what’s going on in your private life. Unless you let them know. How does your co-worker know you feel down unless you speak to him/her about your experience.

Stop expecting people around you to read your mind. Express yourself to avoid further dissapointments.

4. Stop expecting everone to like you.

As you go on with your daily routine look after yourself. Spend more time with people that value you for who you are. These people like you and appreciate you.

Stop expecting the world to like you though. That would make you feel needy and unworthy. Because there are people out there who wont like you. That is normal.

Maybe is time you tell yourself how many people like you instead of focusing on people who don’t.

5. Stop expecting others to respect you, if you don’t respect yourself.

Respect is earned in life, not demanded. But first you must practise self love and self respect.

When you stand in front of mirror always smile and give yourself thumbs up. Start your day with love in your heart for yourself and for others around you. Be nice to others, give everyone the respect they deserve. Surely then you will earn the respect of people who matter to you.

6. Stop expecting people to fit in your world.

In every single smile one give you there could be hidden a struggle. You might be feeling high. You might be supper happy. That is great but stop expecting everyone to fit in your world.

They are still smiling. They are out there still trying. As they love to be happy too. Welcome to the real world.

Stop expecting everyone to be ok. Adapt with human race. Sometimes it’s okay to not be okay. That’s the real life.

What else you think we should stop expecting from others?

Photo Credit Pixabay


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