10 Ways To Be A Master Connector

You know how important is connecting with others. Humans are social creatures. But that is not only it. Connecting with people nowadays is critical.

Let’s take a look at blogging world. You might be a passionate writer. Most of us are. You take your time, collect the information, and write an awesome post. After all you take a deep breath and think soon this post is going to go viral. An hour pass, two hours, then eight hours gone. Few likes, few comments and that is all the interaction you get. Sad case? No, just the way it is.

What do you think it’s going on? I mean in your world. I hope you express your views and opinions in the comments.

I tell you what’s going on in my world. I try to write a good post. (Don’t we all)? Then I hope people will read it. That is most important part to me.

But I don’t sit in my ass and just wait for you to read my blog. I always read other blogs. I have my favorite blogs which I always check. Here is a little tip though. If you expect me to read and check your blog every day, (some of us publish ten posts a day), I will check all your posts…but in return you can’t be bothered to check one of my post a day then… I gotta to say sorry, but in my world no-one is more important than me. So have a good life new Einstein!

That was only about connecting with blogging world. But how can you be a master connector in life. Down below I will outline some tips. The essence is be a good human being and use common sense if you have some.

1. Use your ears and body language and be a good listener.

It doesn’t sound a big deal, or a great revelation. You might think: what is he on about? Β Of course I listen to others…

For your surprise I am going to disagree with you. We don’t listen. We pretend that we are listening Β for 30 seconds then after that either interrupt or our mind flies in another continent. This because humans love being in the center of attention.

Listening to others is most important piece to create real connections.

Listening is being in the present and focusing hundred percent on other person which is talking about something. You might feel you know what they saying, you might feel you know the end of that story, you might feel jumping in the conclusion, but that is not listening.

Be respectful. Listen carefully. Understand the other persons feelings. What message are they attempting to pass on you? What is the meaning beyond the speach? Don’t interrupt. Let them finish. Be there body-mind.

2. Ask questions.

This is not to tell the other person you been listening and now you expect a medal in return. Only ask question to create a big picture of the story.

3. Today let them be the stars, your turn will come to shine.

Yup, today is their day. Let them be the stars. They truly appreciate your attention. And you made a genuine connection here. Great! That is what all about.

4. Follow up.

Next time you meet up ask how every thing went. It means you care. It means that friendship matters to you.

5. Be generous.

Give. Give and don’t expect anything in return. Well, that is giving.

6. Make others successful.

If you are successful help make others successful too. Β It feel nice to give something back.

7. Be honest.

This always will be the numer one quality to be a master connector.

8. Mean what you say and say what you mean.

Keep it simple and transparent. We love it that way.

9. Build bridges not walls.

Create new connection that add value in your life. Build bridges with people based in respect. Keep alwyas in touch not only when you need them.

10. Never disappear from the scene.

Life is a huge scene. Be there for others. Appreciate life. Play your role at it’s best. Don’t disappear. Be real, be your true self.

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19 responses to “10 Ways To Be A Master Connector

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  2. I love the body language reference. I have been trying to be more aware of peoples body language and it amazes me how much you can learn from peoples body languare if you stay focused on observing. Love this post Seb! Thank you:)

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  3. Less and less people are listening. Even in small communities like my village, people are closed upon themselves while they think they are open to the world because they are checking emails, FB, or other electronic means. But they forget their physical neighbours. Everything must be brief, quick, fast, superficial and never something disturbing. Comfort first. What a quaint world!


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