Life Without Friends

You only know the value of a true friend when you move away from them and you miss them so much. Life don’t feel the same without friends. You have an empty space in your heart, you lose your smile. You don’t feel complete.

And that’s not all. Loneliness hurt you deeply. It feels like you’re just forgotten by whole world. No matter what you do, cry, scream, be silent, sing, dance… No-one gives a f*ck…It feels like you don’t exist.

That is nothing to do with age, looks, or your skills and abilities.

“I have no friends and I am a loner. In fact I never had any friends. Except when I was in college some students would keep me around so someone was listening to their endless conversations. If I would attempt to say something they would ignore me or shut me down. Not interested. It’s been nearly six years I live with depression and in isolation. I tried therapy but they only took my money and it didn’t work. I tried self help but everyone suggest support system. F*ck them all.. I don’t have a support system…” This is more or less a confession of a anonymous person on reddit.

You get the point of having no friends.

Hey you!!! Don’t give up life. Surely there are people who are ready to listen to you. Even they don’t know who you are, how you look like, what gender you are, and what corner of the globe you live. Sure there are some humans who are willing to help you. Just contact them. Not everyone is bad. Not everyone is evil. There are lots of good people around. Believe you me. Humanity is not all dead.

There are things you can do if you have no friends:

1. Get out there and say hello to your neighbour.

I mean it. Say hello to your neighbours. If a majority of them will ignore you and think you’re weird, one or two will smile at you and say hello back. See? You not alone. Keep talking to people.

2. Don’t isolate yourself, get out and enjoy your day.

My grandfather use to say: If you got nothing to do, don’t sit in your arse inside. Get out there and walk around. Just walk. Enjoy the weather. Rain wont kill you. You’ll love sunshine.

Be natural. Don’t be shy. Say hi, to people. Smile.

3. Socialise.

There are libraries. You can go read some books. You never know, you might meet other people there. Go out shopping. Look for a job if you don’t have one. A easy option would be to look at voluntary work. You definitely meet and speak to others there.

Also get out to local clubs and pubs.

4. Make friends.

When you out and about you’ll speak to people. Be willing to make friends. Just friends will do for now. When you meet a good friend you know. Meeting a true friend is like seeing yourself in mirror.

5. Be your own best friend.

And least but no last be your own best friend. This is pivotal if you have no friends.

Anxiety and depression can make us to be your own enemy. You really do not need that.

You not a weirdo. You just a normal human being. You might be shy, but it doesn’t make you a weirdo. Learn to enjoy the company of your own self. Read, listen to music, walk in the nature.

Phone a family member or an old friend. Do it regularly. Talk to them about your new experience. How is it helping you… Talk about the old good days if you like. Just talk. Be your own best friend.

Be very careful if you want to use social media. It might comes in your mind if you feel lonely. I don’t blame you. Notice though, you are speaking to a photo and don’t always assume they are honest and they are, who they say, they are.

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6 responses to “Life Without Friends

  1. I believe more and more people are jhaving difficulty socializing and making friends. I blame social media for this phenomenon. People lost the art of nody language and reading expressions. Texting and social media have removed the human element out of communication.

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