Forgive And Feel The Power Of Forgiveness

When someone gets hurt first thing that comes in mind is revenge. I don’t think is much about physical pain, it’s more about emotional pain.

Why it happen to me? Why that son of a b**ch did that to me? I did nothing to deserve that. I am going to make him/her pay big time.

You tell all that to yourself. You are in a state of stress. You feel hurt and so angry…

I was researching on internet about forgiveness and found this very interesting aritcle.

There is this beautiful village on Pennsylvania and small Christian community  lived there. They lived their quiet lives far from modern technology. They didn’t use cars, electricity, and much of their products came from their farms. In this community also lived a guy known as the milk man. He was just like others. But something happen to him. His son dies. He got angry with God. He lost control. He stormed  into the school and killed five girls and wounded another five. Then he shot himself. This act of violence deeply shocked the community. People were anguish but not angry. There was hurt but no hate. They know the man was going through suffering. They immediatelly forgive the family of milk man. And they are still today a close community.

I thought that was a great story and proved the power of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a compassionate act of letting go of hurt and anger. It’s a state of mind when you fully accept and fully forgive the person that hurt you. You let go all these negative feelings that you live with when you hold a grudge about someone or a group of people.

Forgiveness can happen in three simple steps.

  • Identify the person you’re angry with. If there is more the one person then begin with one which is more easy to forgive.
  • Think, how all this time since it happen the anger and negative thoughts has affected your life. You been in so much emotional distress. If you need, talk to someone, a close friend, a member of your family  or therapist.
  • Begin to forgive this person. Start to let go of all the anger and hurt.

The process of forgiveness is not a easy one. But forgiveness is so powerful. Just imagine all that energy you put into thinking of revenge. Then the negative emotions and feelings.

Life has undesirable surprises many days.

Your spouse left you for your best friend. You feel betryed by your best friend and by your spouse. You feel hurt and angry. The people you trusted most let you down.

It takes time to heal your wounds. Loss and emotional pain hurt as much as physical pain. It will take awhile to heal your heart and your soul.

Revenge is not the answer. Punishing the person that hurt you wont easy your pain. It only makes the matters worse.

Instead be the bigger person, be the better person and forgive them. Let it go altogether and move on with your life.

You forgive but you don’t forget. You move on, but you learn the lesson. You let go all that crap and experience the freedom of life.

Forgive and feel the power of forgiveness. Turn all these negative feelings  into positive energy and change your life for good.

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5 responses to “Forgive And Feel The Power Of Forgiveness

  1. Forgiveness is so good for the soul. I work on forgiveness throughout the day, trying to make it a habit rather than a once in a blue moon thing to do. It is freeing and provides strength and peace. Great Post Seb! Thank you:)

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