3 Ways To Prove Struggle Is A New Name For Change

I was reading the other day a post about struggles in life. The author was praising his wife for always being there with him. “When my health was poor and I had a fall… I lost my job. My friends disappeared. I had no money.. I thought I will lose my house as I couldn’t afford to pay rent.. Then I was expecting you to leave me too… But you didn’t. You, only you stuck with me….”

A struggle seem to hold you down when you are aiming to get up and carry on.

You see it everyday. But most of us don’t even want to talk about it. You’re up and fighting the good fight and make the change happen.

Many people relocate all around the world for a better life. They adapt to a new country. They are out there doing everything they can to get a good job that pays for their living. Disappointments follow, life seem to be tough.

Good thing is people don’t give up. We keep learning from experiences, we get stronger from setbacks, we keep going when times get tough.

1. A struggle is not about your weakness. A struggle is a new opportunity to grow.

If you move to another country, where you don’t have many friends,  you have to face many separate challenges. A hard one might be the language. Communication can be your first barrier or a great struggle.

You know those things would occur before you travelled here. Now you need to learn how to deal with the struggle. Because it is a stuggle.

Start learning the new language. Day after day. Practise. Learn. Go forward a step at the time. As you go your smile seem to come back on your face. Good.

A struggle is not about your weakness. It rather proves your strengths.

A child face a difficult time understanding maths for example. The culture about it is: it’s hard but if you work on it you can learn it. You can make it happen.

This is the way numerous people see the struggle  as an opporunity to progress further and reach the place they want to be.

2. Struggle is a chance for growth.

When it last, it feels like a never ending endeavour. As you keep going though, one day, you reach the destination.

A struggle is a space between where you are standind now and where you want to be let say after three years. It’s a journey, a long journey filled with hard times, but also filled with so many opportunities to learn and develop yourself.

Struggle starts when you leave the comfort zone. Soon as you step in unknown. It may be difficult but it’s the only way you plant the seeds of growth.

They say nothing good comes easy. Nothing good comes from comfort zone.

3. Struggle is another name for change.

I have met people who new 7 different languages. They were just ordinary people. Like you, like me. They weren’t born with silver spoon. Through struggle they learned.

Struggle is an inevitable part of life. We experience it at work or any other environment. Stick with it. Be friend with it. Get through it. Deepen your success. Get in a better place. Make change happen. Smile.

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