6 Tips To Think Before You Speak

When I worked as a teacher I noticed a simple thing. The impatience to answer a question from the the pupils in the class. Their hands up, their readiness to say something.

Most the time when a pupil answer a question they get it right. Because they are keen learners, they love to shine. They feel proud of themselves. They make you feel proud too.

In general we as human don’t think, ( not too long anway), before we speak. The brain process the question very fast and sometimes we tend to answer before the ones words finish.

But taking a moment before you speak can make all the difference in a conversation. In a hurry or anger you say something that you regret it soon after. You either wish you didn’t say it, or you said something else.

Read on if you would like to know how thinking before you speak can change the way people see you.

1. The choice of words make a difference.

It all depends from circumstances and whom you are talking to. But in any options, chosing the words makes an impression on your audience. It can be a great impression if you thought carefully before you spoke. The words surely can make a big difference. It either can show your intelligence or prove your ignorance.

So take a little moment to think before you speak. Be wise, leave the impression of a wise person.

2. Words are powerful.

There is still a choice. To think or not think.

Pick the right words make the right impression. Words can make someone feel great. On other hand words can hurt deeply. So think twice before you talk.

3. Words determine who you are.

Once we say something out unfortunately there is no way back. Everyone heard what you said. They are processing what you said. No apologize gets it right. You can’t take it back in.

What you say is who you are. Very simple. Take your time, compose yourself, think. Then express your thoughts.

4. Words heal, words hurt.

At times the truth is harsh. And maybe you have to say it. Please do take your time. If there is a crowd, avoid saying it right there. Speak to them in private.

Words can heal your soul and heart and used careless can deeply hurt. They are just like a knive with two sharp blades.

Take the choice to think before you make the use of words.

5. Sometimes silence speaks louder than any conversation.

Observe the circumstances and the people around you. Listen carefully to what they have to say. Try to understand their point of view. Be compassionate. Show you care. Ask questions to get into their world. Sometimes listening is all what they want from you. Silence at times can talk louder and wiser than a million words.

6. Be thoughtful and consider the information.

Be thoughtful to what you say and remember is as imoprtant how you say it too. The tone of voice, the body language, it all matter.

Wait for a break in conversation if you want to speak.

It’s amazing what words can do when you choose them carefully.

Think before you speak.

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  1. good article as usual.. the two things which attracted me in this post is ” collecting the contextual information , i.e the last point and the fifth point

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