7 Ways To Make Your Relationship Your Priority

Time after time we look at our lives and make the suitable changes. When we make the necessary changes we usually renew our priorities. Change of priorities means something not so imoprtant until now become your top of to-do list.

Let say you got the job you always wanted. Yay. I am happy for you. Now your focus become this top job. Your partner and family get in the back seat. I know you still love them.

As this happens the routine change. You fall in different patterns. You keep doing your thing, you partner has a completely separate routine.

The truth is no matter what is it you do, your family should never become a second priority.

Here are some tips to switch back again and give the relationship the value it deserves.

1. Make a wake up call.

It does occur in many relationships. Once they fall in different paths the couple disconnect. Maybe there is no arguments at all. But there is not talking either.

Even if one of partners will want sex the other one refuse by saying: sorry I am not in mood.

Well is that time when one of you should make a wake up call. Hello, how was your day? I think we need to talk. Because I really think you do. There is this issue that need to be addressed. The sooner the better.

2. Face the facts.

This is a hard bit. Your partner may come up with: I am doing everything around here. You using this home as hotel. Don’t you think something need to change.

On other hand you feel that you’re doing your best by providing for the family. You feel you need to defend yourself.

But that only will make an argument even harder to solve.

Look at the facts. Listen to your partner.

3. Don’t turn it into a fight.

Looking at your point of view you feel you can say the opposite to what you’re hearing. There is alot you can say.

Hold your horses. Listen and show you care, because I know you do. You don’t want to turn the conversation into a fight.

4. This is worth talking about.

Because we talking about someone you love. Love is always worth the attention. We should fight to keep that love alive. You know what I mean.

You don’t want to drift appart. Sure you don’t.

So talk the issue through. Make some time for your partner. Plan things a bit different. Do something together for weekends. Find that time to spend with them. It matters. A lot. Make some beautiful memories together. Life is short.

5. Treat each other with respect and love.

Your professional life is important. Quite often it become a main thing in our lives. Therefore the relationship gets a hit and suffers.

When that happens you need to go back and change the atmosphere in your relationship. Connection needed to save it.

Treat the other one with respect and love.

6. Create intimacy.

If you feel disconnected with your partner, the affection, the sex, and the communication drop into very low levels.

You need to get back in the early routes of excitement. Expand your talk beyond the usual routine. Do the things that you both love doing. You know the one you love. You know what to do. Just do it. Have some passionate encounters. Make love feel alive again.

7. Make your relationship the number one priority.

Talk when you feel stuck. Communication is the solution. Be a team and work together. Get through struggle. And again make your relationship number one priority.

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