4 Reasons You Should Stop Trying To Change People

Sometimes ago there was this girl I met. I remember every detail of that sunday in the pub. Time passed and we carry on seing each other. There was no commitment. One day she said to me: I am having fun that what matters.

I liked her and she liked me. There were few things I didn’t like about her though. The way she dressed. The way she loved her friends. She was too social, and I didn’t like that either.

Not long after I thought I fall in love with this girl. I said to myself she love me she would change those things for me. I just wanted a perfect woman in her. I could never been more wrong. I hit a brick wall. You either can love me the way I am or you can leave and go find a perfect girlfriend, she said to me.

Here are some ways that prove you should stop trying to change people.

1. It’s frustrating and not right.

You may try to change a close friend of yours. I know you love a good friend. Then you see some things you dont like in them.

And the battle begins to change them as you want them to be. It’s exhausting and there wont be any progress. It’s so frustrating. You trying hard. But it’s not working.

At some point you take a break from all this. Question is why do you want to change this person? They love you for who you are. Can you not love them in the way the are?

In fact you have no choice. You either can love them as they are or go.

It’s frustrating to try and change people. And it doesn’t work. Over all it’s not right.

2. Treat people in the way you like to be treated.

How do you know you’re always right? Well you might think you do, but you don’t. People are different. They have various views about the world, about life, about love, about everything.

You need to treat people as you would like to be treated. Respect and good maners are never old fashioned. And they go along way.

Let me ask you something. How would you feel if someone is forcing you to change? Someone that you are close to.

It don’t feel good. It’s so wrong.

3. Focus your energy on changing yourself rather than trying to change others.

Take a look at yourself. You are far from perfect. Β So focus all that energy on changing yourself for better. No matter how good we are, there is always room to improve. Like motivate yourself to be a better person. Train yourself to have a better career. Learn a new skill. Practise compassion. You know there is a lot you can do to a better you. For a better tomorrow.

4. You can’t change others.

“You can’t change others and is rude to try” that is quote from a wise person.

And it’s impossible to change somebody. People only change if they want to. In their own time and pace. You can’t do it for them, they will do it when ready. So stop trying to change others.

If you are one of these people who chose to live by examle, please do. Inspire and motivate. Be your best self. Show things can change when you work hard. Be there in action. Make people admire you for being great and awesome.

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