How To Make A Name For Yourself

It goes unsaid. It really does. Everyone living somewhere on planet earth would like to be successful. Would like to write their name in history. But you have to make that name first. And if you don’t,  someone somewhere is making it. They not making a name for you, they making their name.

1. Start something.

What would you like being known for? Don’t wait another day. Start something. Be a new language, a new blog, a new something. Put your head down and work on it. Researches show people with average IQ have made it great. You don’t have to finish 5 universities before.  You can do it now.

But you have to start somewhere. Sooner the better.

2. Gain trust.

Trust is not something easy found. You have to earn it. And it make a difference. Once people trust you, the road is open for you.

Never break the trust though.

3. Don’t follow others.

It’s worth to remember it. You want to create something that will have your name. Then don’t try to follow others. Be different. Completely different. Walk in opposite side. You don’t even have to work hard. Once you know where are you heading to.

4. Use creativity and imagination.

Some poets find themeselves waking up at two in the morning, when their creative side opens. Don’t force yourself into creativity. It wont flow out of your heart. Only when ready it will. Give it time. Walk into the beauty of nature. Contemplate. Alone. Observe the world. Ask yourself questions. Sit and watch the sea at the sunset. Listen to your favorite music.

5. Begin with an end in mind.

As long as you know your destination, don’t worry about how you getting there. The solution will appear. There might be hundred of ways to reach the end. You want the one that no one walked it before.

6. It wont be easy.

Because if it was easy others would done it years early, before than you was even born. That’s why you love it. It’s your walk, your talk, your name.

7. You have a dream, now you can see your dream.

Once you know then you know it. It’s your dream. You connect with your strengths. You connect with your heart.

You must leave the comfort zone behind and step in the unknown.

8. Don’t hang out with losers.

Spent time with people who motivate you  not with people who tell you that you going to fail. You know what to do, stay away from negative people.

9. Don’t say nothing, just do it.

Let your actions speak. Say nothing. Just get out there and build the foundations of your future.

10. Learn as you make mistakes.

Don’t be shocked when you make a mistake. It’s only a reminder there will be plenty of it. As long you turn them to lessons that’s good.

11. When you feel down, remember you knew it wont be easy.

Dreams don’t just appear in a golden plate. They are our golden dreams but not easy to reach. But your determination is what makes you different. Don’t give up when your so close!

12. Don’t depend on me, depend on yourself.

I might be your friend but you can’t rely on me. Depend on yourself.

13.  Be strong and keep looking up.

Make sure your work aligns with your values. Be tough. Keep walking towards your making. Keep having faith. Keep fighting the good fight.

14. Change the world.

I know you can make it.

I can’t tell you when you’ll reach there.  Today, tomorrow or the next year. All depends on you. If you keep going you will get there, one day.

Then you change your world. Then you change peoples lives. Then you make this crazy world a better place to be.

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8 responses to “How To Make A Name For Yourself

  1. my favorite parts:

    “don’t break the trust though”


    “don’t hang out with losers”

    this post had some really great pointers and also parts of it made me laugh. all of it was true. nice job! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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