11 Simple Ways To Be More Productive In Life

Being productive in everyday life is not as easy as you may think. It’s not all about getting as many things done as you can. After all is more about quality than quantity. But as all human do we make mistakes as we go through our daily tasks. That creates problems. We feel stressed. It’s just one of them days, as we say.

Some simple tips for being more productive in everyday of life.

1. Getting ready for tomorrow starts the night before.

First you like to have a good day, everyday. Also you like to progress in your projects, or whatever you do.

The night before do not stay too long watching telly. Make a to-do list for the next day before you go to bed.

2. Leave your devices out of bedroom.

Because we kind  have become addicted to our phones would be good idea not take then in your bedroom. So leave the phone, computer and any  other devices in living room.

Also whatever day you had, don’t go stressed in bed. So be at peace with your mind and make sure you have a great night sleep.

3. Get up early in the morning.

It might be hard for first week. Then once you’re use to, it become a usual routine. Have a healthy breakfast and get ready what you need for the day.

4. Start your day with 5 minutes meditation.

I do think this is a vital point for willing to have a great day and being as productive as you can.

A mindful meditation allows you to relax your mind and begin your day with a positive attitude. You also feel energized and more motivated.

5. Check your email inbox first thing in the office.

Only check your email when you ready for first task in the office. Reply and see if there is any need for immediate action.

Then follow your day to-do list.

6. Do one thing at the time.

As said, one thing at the time. Do it to it’s best. Say no to multitasking. Very simple no.

7. Take small breaks.

These small breaks are so important if you want to be productive but also remain healthy. So if possible in every hour you spend in computer take 5 minutes break. It would be good if these 5 miutes be spend breathing fresh air.

8. Keep away from negative people.

Not only they don’t help, but they pull you down. It’s pretty much what you don’t need. Keep away from them. Always.

You be much productive if you feel good about yourself.

9. Drink a lot of water.

As you might know our body needs a lot of water. If you had a good healthy breakfast keep drinking water throughout the day. It does make a difference in your body, in your health and in your productivity.

10. Say No to what’s not so important for that day.

You can’t do a million things in one day. You can’t be in few places at the same time. Don’t try to finish everything and affect the quality of doing. Rather say no to less important things. They either can wait for the next day or someone else can handle them.

11. Look after your body and mind.

Stressful days affect our health. We all have them. Your health comes before anything else. Look after your body and mind. Eat healthy food and practise exercise.

Take regular breaks. Short weekend breaks and possibly some longer holidays.

The more healthy you are the more productive you be.

Photo credit pixabay

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