6 Ways To Stop Hating Someone

Have you lovely reader once loved someone more than life itself? Well I have… If you did too just imagine this person hurts you without giving a shit about it. No,  it can’t happen? Of course it does. It can happen to you, to me, it can happen to anyone. Then that moment comes when the great feeling of love turns to the feeling of hate.

Not in vain they say the feelings of love and hate live so far from one another,  yet so very close. Where the love ends, the hate can begin. Love brings so much joy into your life. It feels a bit like you flying high and watching the world underneath. It’s a great feeling. Words feel powerless to describe it..

But when love feels betrayed then in just a little twist it can turn into it’s sharp side of hate. Hatred is a strong feeling that goes beyond dislike and anger. It’s exhausting without compare.

How can you stop hating someone?

1. Don’t give hatred the power to change you into someone your not.

If they were a nasty human being, by hating them and wanting to hurt them you’re being as awful as him/her. Hurt and pain are not nice. It feels like they crushed your heart and soul together. But you are not like them. You are you. Don’t give hatred the power to change you into someone your not.

2. Is hatred helping you in any way?

Hatred lives just in other side of love. You love them to the skies and back. And that, times to a million. By not letting you love them all love turns to hate.

Let’s deal with it.

Hatred maybe brings in your mind revenge. You want to hurt them for what they did to you. But when love glow your heart and soul hatred lives on opposide side and has opposite effects. It eats away your soul.

3. Take a break from nastiness.

While the hatred is not doing you any favors take a break. If you can a physical break from these people but also a break from this dreadful feeling of hatred.

  • Listen to music. You chose what music you like. Music takes us in the dream world. Live there for a bit.
  • Make a journal about your feelings. You put your feelings into a little book. It’s more a less a self talk. Turn itto a positive one.

4. The person you hate is the same person you once loved more than anything else.

Let’s touch the reality. This is the person that you loved most isn’t it? Yeah, ok. Well once they loved you too.

I am not trying to find excuses but sometimes love can be a funny feeling. Now it’s there. Not long after it disappears. You find your heart empty. Maybe that what happened.

5. You can live without them.

I don’t just mean survive. I mean you can live and do things you love. If you have plenty time on your hands there is many things you can do:

  • hiking.
  • Joining a sports team.
  • Write a book.
  • Volunteer for some cause you believe in.
  • Spend more time with your family and friends.

Start enjoying your life. Set some goals. Raise your bar. You can do better than this. I know you can.

6. Forgiveness is best revenge.

In fact this is not about the person who hurt you. This is about you. Forgive and  let go of some hurtful past and move forward. Slowly but surely. Wipe these people once for all from your book of life. You turned the corner. They gone. Good. This is a new chapter.

It starts with you. New beginning. The horizon is clear. It looks deep blue. Life is good. Love could be waiting for you. Again.

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6 responses to “6 Ways To Stop Hating Someone

  1. A great concept first of all. nicely written but I wanna share thoughts of mine about hating some one you love. You know I have a person in my life whom I loved but he just shut me off one day and never told me why. So after a long time when I couldn’t help myself in terms of him, I tried to hate him and I succeeded and believe me it feels good to hate him. He was my cousin brother who taught me how to laugh, and now he is the only reason of my frustration. strange! isn’t it? by the way good post!

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