9 Tips To Keep Yourself Grounded

When life gets busy we begin to multitask. We need to get everything done in one day time frame. Then the same next day. And the routine goes on for weeks and months.

We lose the connection with the reality. We hardly take any time to think. Mind and body seem to disconnect too.

Here are some signs that you’re being ungrounded.

  • You find it hard to focus on your task.
  • You do not complete the task on time.
  • You keep forgeting what’s next task. You forget about the details.
  • You catch youreslf daydreaming many times.
  • Others find it hard to understand you.

There is things you can do to keep yourself grounded in the present moment.

1. Take 5 minutes to yourself every day.

Dont just turn your mobile phone on soon as you wake up and start checking work emails. Take 5 minutes for yourself everyday. Meditate. Mindfulness meditation is the best way to focus in breathing. It will help you for the rest of the day to keep the focus on what you doing.

2. Do one thing at a time.

Now that can be an issue if your boss want you to multitask. Try to explain to them that you find it hard to focus. Do one thing at the time. Be focused. Every detail matters, so pay attention.

3. Do it slowly and deliberately.

When you focus on something and do it slowly is very likely it get done well. So not rush to finish it. Take your time. It’s about quality not quantity. So plan what is more important that need doing first. What’s less important can wait.

4. Take little breaks between two tasks.

Always take a little break when finish one task and thinking to start another. It helps you concentrate.

5. Engage yourself in exercise.

There are too many different forms of exercise that can help you keep grounded.

  • Yoga.
  • Running.
  • Riding a bicycle.
  • etc.

Pick one that you enjoy and exercise daily 20 to 30 minutes.

6. Use essential oils.

Experts say the use of oils such as cedarwood, peppermint, patchouli, angelica can help connect you body and your mind. It also helps you keep grounded in the present moment.

7. Connect with nature.

This is a vital way to keep yourself grounded and very effective too. Spend some time in nature. Connect with nature. Your heart and soul find that inner peace. It’s best way to live life in present moment and feel connected to yourself.

8. Eat healthy food.

Practise healthy eating. Vegetables, protein and nuts help us feel grounded instantly.

9. Don’t deal with the past, don’t worry about the future.

Quite often we found ourselves dealing with the past. The past takes us back, no matter what you doing in that moment. A story, lived and left behind takes our present time. Sometimes we don’t even notice we travelled back in time unless someone calls us. Now that is the time wasting. Half hour dealing with past times, or visiting the future.

What is the point of thinking about the past and worrying about the future? The past is gone. Live at this very moment and enjoy. Take deep breaths. Take notice to what you doing. Focus on right here, right now. Tomorrow may never comes.

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  1. Intentionally staying in the moment requires self discipline for us daydreamer but that’s what I need to cultivate meaningful relationships and press forward to accomplish my goals. Thanks for the ideas! Will pass them on! “)

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