9 Ways Getting Over Someone You Love

This is not another simple task. This is just too hard even to begin with. Someone you love is someone you adore. Breaking up is not easy. It’s  hard. But when there is not another way forward then is the only way…. Wow.(You never thought of this day).

There is no words to make you feel better. Sorry. Sometimes it happens though. And when it does you know what you think… We can’t live apart. We need to get back together.. Soon…

No. There is no going back. You need to think about the way forward. Think! It happened. Now you are alone. Now..How? Yeah.. You need to get all the pieces together and move on with your life…..

1. You are alone.

Like I said this is hard. But the truth hurts sometimes. Now remember something: your love came to an end. And it’s real. Accept it. You are alone.

That means delete all the contact information of your ex. Any contact information. Face the truth. It hurts, I know.

2. Stop checking his/hers status.

That is the way things normally go. You just ignore facts and in couple of days you be having passionate sex with your ex.


It ended for a reason. Once more accept it. Let it go. Prepare for a single life…You need to start all over again…

3. How to fill the void.

If you stop the physical contacts with your ex, doesn’t mean the way forward is easy. Not at all.

There is this emptiness in your heart. No words can explain how that feels. There is this physical void of her/him in the house. Everywhere. You look at your phone. (Sorry that is not an option anymore).

Get yourself busy. Move your furniture around. Play with your dog. Watch your favorite movie.

Does a lot of things remind you of them?…You can’t throw everything away. You only need to come to terms of your single life…

4. Keep away for while.

It’s likely you keep telling yourself you still can be friends with your ex…. This is maybe an excuse to call them and get together… Stop.

Call a friend instead. A real friend. Have a conversation with them. A long chat. Feel better? I hope so.

5. Time to get on with physical activities…

Walk. Run. Get out and connect with nature. Keep fit and busy. This is good for you.

6. Don’t rush to get someone else to replace them..

It comes to your mind sooner. Or might be a friends suggesstion too. But not a good idea. No-one can be your love replacement right now. And sex wont change much…

7. You need to overcome your feelings.

When the feelings of loss and grief don’t hurt anymore, then you can talk to your ex. Maybe that is a must if you have kids together.

Don’t let it impact your kids. They don’t need drama. They are the fruit of your love. Make sure they are your priority. Looking at their cute faces makes everything easier.

8. Learn to love yourself.

Before you take steps to dating scene learn to live with yourself and be happy. Learn to love yourself. Try and pursue your passion. Learn a new skill. Read your books. Be yourself. Love yourself.

9. When you are ready, you’ll know it.

When your heart is ready for love again then don’t be afraid to love again. No need to chase it though. Love will find you.

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