7 Signs That It’s Time To Let Go

So often we hold onto people who are so close in our hearts. If they threaten to leave we plead with them not to.

Many times failure follow our actions. But we still hold onto our dreams. We can’t let them go simlpy because they are our dreams and hopes.

I don’t like being hurt, no-one does.  Emotions are all over. This is why we can’t see clearly, can’t think clearly. We just hold onto our feelings, even those people or situations are giving us more pain than joy we kind a feel broken without them…. It hurts when you love someone more than you love life itself and they still want to go…. Or they have to.

But sometimes you have to let go of people. Because they are not possessions, because they are not our properties. Because is time to let change happen in our lives.

Signs that it’s time to open your heart and let go:

1. When someone is trying hard to change you in someone your not.

You love them and they love you. As simple and as great as this. You have so much fun with another. Life seems impossible without them. Then they begin to want control over your life. Then they tell you what is right and what is wrong for you. In no time they tell you what to do and what not to do.

You accept it all for the sake of love. Until one day they want you to change and be someone your not.

When you see the one you love beyond comparison is trying to change you….. It’s time to let them go.

2. When someone you love keep letting you down.

Broken promises time and time again. They keep letting you down like they don’t even care. Their actions dont much their words…. Time to let them go.

3. When you trying to force someone to love you.

If one loves you, there is this feeling in your heart. They make you feel worthy, happy, appreciated. If they don’t, don’t try to force them to love you. It never going to happen… It’s time to set them free.

4. When the one you love keep breaking your heart.

If you truly love someone you given them your heart. They given theirs to you. This is what you believe. If they keep cheating on you and keep saying they love you….It’s time to wake up open your heart and throw them out.. Time to let them go.

5. When someone you love treats you with no respect.

If two people love one another, their love is their world. But if someone you’re in love with treats you with no respect whatsoever then is that time you think long and hard and let them go. It’s not as tough as it sounds. And better having self respect and being single than being in a relationship with people who don’t deserve you.

6. When someone loves you for your pretty face.

If your relationship is based only on your physical attraction, or if they only love you for your pretty face, they will leave one day sooner or later. Time to let them go.

Learn to get to know someone that love you for the beauty in your heart and soul, not because of your fit ass.

7. When the communication breaks down and your heart is not there anymore.

It happens oftentimes in long relationships. They use to be your each others childhood sweethearts. You gone through a lot together. But there is no fun anymore. The communication breaks down and your feelings change… You don’t have to be stuck, thinking you can’t break their heart… Time to let them go…. Maybe that’s the best for the both of you.

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13 responses to “7 Signs That It’s Time To Let Go

  1. wow…this hit me so hard because I absolutely need to let go of the person i am in love with. because not only can they never love me back, but like the first point you talk about, they are trying to turn me into someone else. and they keep breaking my heart over and over. but even as i let her go, i think i will love her forever. and i think there has to come a point where you can let someone go all while loving them. (i sense a new blog post coming soon about this…..lol) anyways thank you this is amazing and actually your whole blog is. i’m gonna give you a follow because i cant wait to read more (and also im kind of new to wordpress so theres that!) you are amazing ❤

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  2. Reading your blog is a great help for me, a blessing indeed. I need this to enlighten me in whatever I’m feeling right at present. I’m so glad I came to your blog.

    Letting go of someone you love is indeed a real struggle. But just like what you have said, they are not our possessions and we don’t even own them. It may be so painful, but sometimes we really have to let them go, especially when they continue breaking our heart.

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