10 Things Successful People Do Differently

One morning we wake up and we hear about this super successful man or woman. We feel amazed with their work. How they did it? Were they born with that extra thing in their brain or what? What is it they know that we don’t?

We research and read a lot about these people which we admire and we don’t find any extraordinary thing but what we do find is that they did do things differently from the very start.

1. They dream BIG but they start with smart goals.

You might ask what is a smart goal? First and foremost a smart goal is a realistic goal. That is the start. Successful people are objective. They know that is in their reach.

A smart goal is a specific goal. So if you say I want to be in a great shape because health comes first, that is a general goal. The way of exercise you going to get in shape is a specific goal.

A smart goal is also a atainable. Highly successful people know what they can achive and set the bar high but always in their reach. An atainable goal is a realistic goal.

A smart goal is a measurable goal. They are able to measure their daily progress in their smart goals.

Time frame is another quality that defines what makes smart goal smart. This goal has to be accomplished in this time frame.

2. They take rapid action.

This is the crucial point what differs the mass from the very successful people. We dream the dreams, but we never take any action.

Here is why: we fear from failure. We fear from that first step. (What if we fall). What if we lose all that money? What can I do then? I get in debt and that’s the end….

They don’t think that way. They made a clear project in their mind and they know their journey might be tough but they are determined to reach their destination. They erase any ifs buts or whats from their mind.

3. They fail but failure don’t stop them.

They are intelligent human beings. Their success wasnt delivered over night in a golden plate. Not at all. It took lots of energy, effort, studdies, hard work, and many many sleepless nights. They went through failure and strugle. But they never stopped, until they turned it in to a massive success.

4. They make themselves productive not just busy.

We all are busy. Busy reading. Busy doing chores. Busy walking. Busy dreaming. Busy doing nothing. Remember busy don’t make a difference in our lifes.

Successful people focus on being productive rather than being busy. They know what requires their immediate attention. What is more important and is less important.

5. They base their decisions in logic and knowledge radher than emotional state.

They have emotions like every other human. But when it comes to make big decisions they make logical decisions based on their knowledge and information.

6. They do not aim for perfection.

When they put their dream in a piece of paper they aim for greatness but not for perfection.

They are able to see with their eyes of mind what, where, and when they want to be in certain frame time. They use their imagination in the reality scale to precisly know every surprise of their journey.

7. They grow and develop when they get going.

They compromise their comfort zone when take on these opportunities. Simply because they know what they can achieve. They believe in themselves. They grow and develop as they go through every single day. They study and learn every day.

8. They keep things simple.

Simplicity is the way. And thats how they keep the entire process. Simple is beautiful. Simple is sophistication. Simple works.

9. They keep their positivity through all the process.

Improving and progressing everyday is their motto. Even when things are not looking up they are. They keep being positive through process. They keep smiling and going.

10. Their success is a process, they are unstoppable.

They made what we only can dream of. Now they are changing people’s lives with their legacy. But it doesn’t stop there. Their success is an ongoing process. They keep making it even greater. They are unstoppable on their way.

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10 responses to “10 Things Successful People Do Differently

  1. Great observations. Lots of things can sideline the pursuit for success in achieving the dream. Helping others achieve theirs, emotional or physical fatigue, discouragement from disinterest or lack of cooperation. Truly believing in the dream and it’s attainability helps sustain and fuel the effort.

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