9 Habits That Can Ruin Your Happiness

Our daily lives are filled with different little habits. Some of those habits walk us towards happiness. Some others  can easy ruin your happiness if you let them.

1. Focusing on other peoples lives and forgeting about your own.

Seeing happy people it’s fine. It gives you a gilmpse of joy too. But dealing too much and too long with other peoples stories is a habit that can steal your own happiness. Life is this moment. Don’t let others get in your thinking, don’t let other peoples problems affect yours. Making it short, don’t try to live other peoples lives but grab the moment and let your own life unfold.

Focus in every day of your life. In new opporunities. In learning and growing. Always consider your life as work in progress. Enjoy and be happy.

2. Waiting, when is time to take action.

Right now is not right time. You hear that so often. So when is the right time?

Get out there and start today. Perfect times never turn up. Simply because they don’t exist.

Put your right foot forward and start walking. Step by step. Try hard. And harder. Until you make it.

3. Fear and worries.

Worries stop you to seize the opportunities and fulfill your life with joy and bliss. Fears, what might happen if I did it. The most of worries and fears only exist in our minds. Ifs buts and whats take over and we miss out the chance to change and make our lifes a success.

Let go of worries and fears, simplify your life and live fully each day.

4. Working for money, only.

If you only working for money, even if you earning lots of it leaves you a empty soul. I know sometimes you have to work in a job you hate, just to make living.

Do something about it now. A job should be part of meanings in your life. You should find joy and be happy by doing what you doing. Otherwise what is the point?

5. Chasing the past.

Dwelling in tough past times don’t do you any favours. It only ruins your present life if you don’t let it go and move on from it. Let the past be the past.

6. Nurturing hate.

Hate is a powerful negative feeling. It keeps hold of you as whole. And it keeps consuming and destroying the best part of you. The love part in your heart and soul. Only if you let it inside you, though.

Move on from these destructive feelings. Open your heart and fill it with love and joy.

7. Short-lived pleasures.

Seeking the fleeting contentment instead of enduring contentment.

Always pursue the enduring contentment the one that is achieved through struggle after struggle. The one that gives your life meanings.

8. Holding onto pain.

When someone you love hurt you, you forgive them and they keep doing it again and again. You keep hold of hurt and pain. And they don’t really care.

Let them go, and step out of hurt.

9. Being attracted from the surface not from what is inside.

The looks don’t tell everything about someone. Far from it. The quality and the essence are most hidden inside their souls and hearts.

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