6 Things To Hold Onto When Everything Goes Wrong

When things don’t go to plan, when you experience failure after failure, when tough time seem to last longer than you think, when after bad the worst hit you…… What do you do then????

Take few minutes and think it through….

Whatever you doing in life, first thing to remember is: it’s not just you, your not alone.

If you have health problems there are many more maybe worse than you….

If you are succeeding and getting great results there are many others who are doing miles better than you and many others doing miles worse than you.

If somewhere is raining and cold somewhere else is hot and sunshine….

That’s life….

When you think you going down, remember there is a hard base when you can’t go any further down. The rock bottom. When you hit that you only can go up…..

But the question is what can you hold onto when everything goes wrong?

1. The blessings, count your blessings.

It might be lasting too long, but it’s not been going on forever. It’s not been hurting forever…

There were days when you enjoyed and loved. Just recall these days. Not so you can forget about pain but so you make it easier for yourself.

The days when had so much fun with someone you love. The days when you spend with your kids and your family…. So many lovely happy days with the people you love….

Are these people still in your life? Yes. Then consider yourself lucky. When you get back home, you get some love hugs, whilst someone going through same tough time somewhere else wont.

2. The hurt only makes you stronger.

Pain feels unbearable. We all gone through at some time in our lives. Some are going through right now… Pain hurts…Pain changes situations, pain changes you.

When a door closes, remember it happens for a reason. Now it hurts. When you move forward another door will open… The new experience might make you happier and brings lots of joy in your life.

Only then you’ll think why the first door  was shut.

The rough journey made you stronger, and  wiser….

3. Everything changes, because everything is temporary.

There was this wise man people always turned for advice. When something good happen to him he was crying. When something bad happen to him he was laughing…. When crowds asked him why is that he answered: After every happy situation is something that goes wrong and hurts, and after every bad situation something good is going to turn up.

The moral of the story is: nothing last forever. Everything is temporary..

4. Every struggle is a step towards your dreams.

It feels you are just failing… But you’re not.. You are learning.. You are getting stronger… You are progressing towards your goals. Every struggle is step forward.

If you are struggling is because you’re trying, you’re moving on towards light.

5. Scars are not proof of age but proof of strength.

When pain last it leaves us with scars. Don’t be ashamed. Rather be proud. You failed. You fall. But what matters is you got through…

Scars are only the proof of your strengths.

6. You need to get going.

When you fall and get hurt…. Might you feel like giving up. Just for moment turn your head and look back… You come from long way.. There is no going back.. There is only one option: to keep going.

When negative people surround you find a way to leave them in their misery and move on with your life… They teach you a lesson. Think positive in every negative situation…

These are tough times. But carry on moving. Your journey will take you maybe not exactly where you want to be but somewhere closer to your dreams…..

Keep going and……

In meantime remember to smile everyday. Remember to laugh everyday. Remember to be kind and generous everyday. Remember to live everyday. Remember to love more everyday. Remember to appreciate everyday.

And then, only then you proved you’re much tougher than tough times.

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6 responses to “6 Things To Hold Onto When Everything Goes Wrong

  1. Hi Seb, thank you for another thoughtful and helpful post. Remembering that however bad things feel, that nothing lasts forever is a most useful bit of advice. I suppose as we get older we do find out that we have survived bad things and if we can do it once, we can do it again.
    Finding the sense and meaning of it all can be a challenge though .
    But smiling is good. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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