10 Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp At Any Age

Regardless your age we all have sometime moments when we see a familiar face and we can’t recall their name. Or we go to pick something in kitchen and our minds goes blank, we can’t remember what we needed. Long researches reveal that memory lapses is nothing to do with age but it generally relates with organic disorders.

Studies also show mental decline can be pervented by some simple steps in life, as being physically active, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, keeping up with social connections etc.

Also scientific researches suggest a variety of mental exercises to keep our minds active.

1. Learn new things.

Learn a new skill at least every year. Or learn a new language. Even if you learn only few words everyday you keep your brain involved actively. It helps maintain brain cells and sharpen our minds.

2. Use video gaming.

Video gaming improve our vizualization skills. It also enhance eye-hand coordination and increase our attention that we can pay to few things at the same time.

3. Challenge your memory.

This can be a simple mind exercise. Write down some important information from your life:

  • Birthdays of all your family members.
  • Graduation day.
  • Address book.
  • Shopping list.
  • Add more.

Then repeat one by one. Same exercise the next day. And the day after. Until you can easy remember everything.

Repeat the exrecise time to time, but not as often anymore.

4. Engage yourself in solving puzzles.

You can try to solve crosswords or jigsaw puzzles. Diffrent puzzles target and activate diffrent parts of brain.

When you practise enough then try and do puzzles in your mind.

5. Calculate maths sums.

This is like solving crosswords and puzzles but maths activates other parts of the brain. But do it with your mind don’t use calculator. Then practise it faster and with more digits. It’s a great mind exercise.

6. Monitor your self talk.

Monitor your moods and self talk. When you get negative thoughts try and think about something positive or get yourself busy.

7. Keep away of stress and anxiety, by keeping up with daily physical activities.

A healthy mind needs a healthy body. Some people have the jobs that keep their minds sharp. Some of us have take up challenges to keep our minds active.

To maintain a good general health you need to engage with physical exercise. There are plenty different forms of physical activities you can take. Choose one you enjoy. It does help to decrease stress and anxiety. Exercising daily also keeps your body fit and freshen your mind.

8. Have a good night sleep.

Your body needs rest so does your mind. Having a good night sleep is very important. Otherwise you’ll have tired body-mind the next day. You might experience headache and cannot think clearly.

A good night sleep energise your body and your mind. In the next morning you feel ready to take on any challenge.

9. Practise spelling exercises.

Spelling exercises activate several parts of the brain. It makes you see the word mentally before you write it down.

10. Work with your hands.

If you usually write with your right hand try and use the left one. Don’t give up. Keep the focus as you carry on writing. This exercise also sharpen your mind.

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11 responses to “10 Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp At Any Age

  1. #6 I found that best and simplest way to monitor negative thoughts is by keeping a thin rubber band on my hand. Every time negative thought emerges in my mind in pinch myself, associating the negative with physical pain.

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