10 Very Simple Ways To Be More Active

Being active in everyday life is very healthy. It doesn’t have to be some fancy exercise classes, or taking on some expensive gym memberships. There are different simple and fun ways of keeping active.

1. Go for walk.

Walk around your neigbourhood for 20 minutes a day. Or if your work is a short drive then just walk there instead of driving.

Walking is a simple way of keeping active. You can walk in morning, or in the evening or whenever suits you.

Learn to enjoy keeping active. Do it as a form of enjoyment rather than something you have to do.

If you live close to park or a forest that even better. You walk into forest and enjoy all what mother nature has to offer

2. Turn on your music and dance.

Exercise is easy. You don’t even have to get out of your house to exercise. Move around in your house. Or turn on your music and have some crazy dance. Twenty minutes a day is enough.

If you enjoy dancing keep it up. You don’t have to join some dance classes. But if you like to that’s great. You burn a lot of energy there.

3. Park away from work.

If you have to drive to work then try and park away from where you work. This will give you the chance to do some walking. If you been sitting for hours in office then that is a good way to burn some calories.

4. Take some stretches during the day.

This is important especially if your work does not involve any physical activities. Stand up every so often and take some light stretches.

5. Play football with your kids.

Another enjoyable way of exercise. Spend time playing football with your kids. You will have a lot of fun playing together also use it as form of physical activity.

6. Turn your walk into a run.

Once you been walking for few months you can turn it into running. As long as you enjoy it. Listen to music and keep running like a mad man.

7. Drop your home gaming and take on hiking.

If you’re one of them people addicted to home video gaming consoles consider to get out and take some physical activities. Why don’t you try getting into woods and taking some long hikes. It’s a cheap way of getting active and you appreciate the beauty of nature.

8. Use stairs instead of elevator.

Many of us just jump in elevator and skip the stairs. Well do it the other way around. Skip the elevator, take the stairs. It’s a great work out.

9. Volunteer your time.

Have you got plenty free time? Find a charity and volunteer your time. You can do chores or shopping for elderly people. You help others, and keep active at the same time.

10. Say no to excuses, say yes to being more active.

When it comes to exercise most people seem to look for excuses instead of getting on with it and making their lives healthier.

“I don’t have time”, is what you hear most. But it take 20 to 30 minutes a day and we all can make that time.

Here is how. How much time you spend on social media? How much time you spend watching telly? How much time you spend surfing on internet?

Take half an hour of that time and use it for some form of exercise. Enjoy it, it’s much healthier.

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11 responses to “10 Very Simple Ways To Be More Active

  1. It all started for me with the Pedometer….started walking 10,000 steps a day and well….the rest is history. Being and staying active is a life changer. Thank you for raising awareness and getting a reminder out there for all to see. Good job Seb!

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