6 Ways To Deal With Disappointment

Life has it’s own disappointments, unfortunately. Otherwise would been win, win, win. We would never learn to be brave and patient. We would never appreciate all the good things in life, if there were no disappointments….

But here we are. You sart working in your dream project and you’re totally shocked when you fail.

Welcome to my world. I’ll get you a cup of coffee.

As I said in the beginning of this post disappointments are part of our lives. Yet again when you fail at something all comes to you as great shock…

How do you deal with it? One will shut themselves down on their world. One will bottle it all and try to forget. One will take their time to think and find the hopes that give these a new ways to try again…

Disappointment is disappointment, it’s a world in this word. Upsets, stress, downs. Remember we live not in a perfect world. It’s important that you develop your own tools to deal with disappointment, combat the emotional hurt and move on from there.

1. Feel and acknowledge the disappointment.

Do you want me to start and list many famous people who failed and failed. Albert Einstein failed his entrance exam. The well known Mark Zuckerberg failed at his studies…. Many more…We all experience failure and disappointment at some point in life. Sometimes you can go from a failure to another failure, then to another…Disappointments after disappointments..

Throw away these facts. Your failure is not much diffrent from other people’s failure. The only difference is your disappointment hurts..

What to do? Feel the feeling of disappointment. Feel the pain. Acknowledge it. Live with it. Learn from it.(if you can)

2. Walk and breathe.

Just walk and breathe. If you forget to breathe you know what happens. I mean try not to think about it. We only can enjoy what we have. At this moment if you think there is nothing to enjoy, I will say WRONG. There is life to enjoy. Breathe and walk around, take notice of the beauty of nature.

3. Be grateful of life.

Disappointments can be big and small. Once you failure at something the feelings are so negative. You feel a total failure.


Go back in time and revisit what you achieved in life. Say a huge thank you, from your heart. Appreciate all these little and big goals.

4. Connect with your dreams.

Leave behind you what’s happened.

What matters is that your dreams are still there. You can see them. Just take a look.

So what if there appeared a crack.A crack only will let the light come through.

You know success is a little talent mixed with a lot of sweat.

Connect with your dreams and….

5..Join the Move.

Human race is an experience of collecting failure and disappoinments, stir these around, turn them to lessons of wisdom and find new ways to survive and compete.

6. Start over.

Every disappointment is a new opporutnity to start over again. Take it slowly. A step at a time. But this time directions, remember the directions. And cling on to hope. Hope never disappoints. Hope is one of my favorite words.

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4 responses to “6 Ways To Deal With Disappointment

  1. “You sart working in your dream project and you’re totally shocked when you fail.

    Welcome to my world. I’ll get you a cup of coffee.”

    Very cute. Very real. Very helpful. Thanks! We all need reminders. That’s unless we’re comatose. lol.

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