5 Ways To Make Change Happen

I was happy to hear from an old good friend the other day. He sounded happy to hear from me too. We arrange to meet up. Is there anything wrong I said? He asnswered with a question too: why does something has to be wrong to meet….Hahaha, no.

He said he had a wife and kids and very career he always wanted. Great, I said I am happy for you. But I am still not happy he said, not truly happy….

There is times when we think if I had this and this and this in life I would be happy… Yet there is people who have all these things and their life is not full of joy, not fulfilled. They keep doing what they do everyday expecting their lives to get better by chance or by a miracle.

The truth is change doesnt happen by chance or by miracle. The power and catalyst of change is YOU and only you can create miracles for yourself.

First you must know what you want to change. Your body or your mind? Your career or your relationship?

No matter where you are in your life in a top 0f a cliff or in rock bottom, if  you’re seeking change… Then follow me:

1. Willingness to change.

It might sound obvious to you but this is crucial. You might be just not happy with your boddy. Or you not satisfied with your job. Or you want to find that inner peace. But… are you ready for a change? You need to be really ready and prepared to change.

Your willingness to change is the first point of a powerful process a key to oppen the doors you like to get through, and get in the road of life you love to live.

2. Time to let go.

There will  be fears and distracting beliefs like: I can’t do this..this is all new for me…I know I’ll fail..I am not good enough…

Are you ready to let go of these beliefs and face those fears head on. How do you know you going to fail when you never tried.. These negative beliefs come from that comfort zone. The resistance of not to change. All based in fear.

You must be ready to let go of these beliefs and replace it with new seeds of love of reaching the place and the person you want to be in life.

Only when you push the fears and these destructive beliefs away you create the space and ability to move on and change.

3. Deal with your thoughts.

Change is not easy. It requires a lot of effort and energy.

You might be ready to take action and fulfill your dream but the thoughts the old thoughts will be attacking your mind in regular basis.

How?…You let these negative thoughs go but they will come back with your ego. “I told you you can’t do this” Stay in control. Replace all  negative thoughts with positive ones. “I can do this and I will”. ” I will have the life I love”. “I deserve to live my dream”.

See, the toughness to change is in your mind. As you keep these positive beliefs coming in your mind, you feel the joy of change in your heart.

4. Have some faith.

Faith is not just believing in yourself that you can make it happen. Faith is more than that. Having faith is you sense and believe there is something outside you that is working with you, is helping you, it’s giving you the power to make change happen.

When you trust that great things can happen, when you shift your thoughts, when you believe you can reach for the stars you make space for miracles of change to land in your heart.

5. Be proactive.

I was watching a quiz program on telly other night and presenter asked the guy what did he do for living?  He answered: at age 40 I went to university for 7 years I study Law. Now I work as a solicitor.

The point being is if you be proactive, if you find that great balance in your mind, if you take action, you me and anyone can make change happen.

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