How To Cope With Money Worries

Have you (recently) been laid off from your job? Are you dealing with loans and other debts? Are you in a job that pays peanuts?

If you fall in one those categories, you might keep waking up in middle of the night, having nightmares, feeling stressful and anxious.

Money can cause a great deal emotitional distress when we dealing with financial problems.

People lose their self esteem. They think the future is dark. Many start withdrawing themselves in their world of misery. We change the way we think. We are not good enough to be with our friends anymore……

Here are some simple ways to cope with money worries:

1. Call on your strengths, think positive.

Yes you can change your thoughts. Look up there is still hope there. Be more active. Don’t withdraw yourself. Keep meeting up with friends. Just because you might lost your job doesn’t mean you have no life. Of course you do. And good friends never turn their back on you.

Take up some form of exercise. Run or walk in the nature. Make it a daily routine.

2. Face your fears.

When you going through stress and anxiety we try to avoid talking to people. We need to face our fears. We feel the fear of getting deep in debt. Otherwise you see yourself going down. Face that fear. Ask for financial advice  and prioritise your debts. You also should know there are some agencies that deal with debts, if you can’t afford to pay them they can write it off for you.

3. Prepare for work.

Economic crisis is still here so it has make it hard to get back to work. Hard but not impossible. So get ready and face this harsh reality.

  • Bring your CV up to date.
  • If you think you need some new skills this is the time to take some courses. Remember there are short courses too.
  •  Keep applying for jobs.

If you keep moving, something will turn up.

4. Volunteer your time.

I know you need a job that pays money, but if you have been out of work for while it would be a good idea to take on some voluntary work. First you feel great helping others even when so desperatly need help for yourself. But that the person you are. Secondly you make new friends. Thirdly you keep active, plus this will be a new experience.

If you do, still keep applying for jobs.

5. Keep being positive, stop comparing yourself with other people. (Especially on social media).

Remember the process of getting back to work might will take some time. Be prepared to live within your means. Keep being positive. Tough times don’t last, remind that yourself when you feeling low.

Try to not spend to much time on social media. It can make you feel more anxious and depressed. Reading everyones great news. (And do you know how true is that great news? Do you know some people use credit cards to have a luxerious life?).

Also dont compare yourself with your friends or anyone else. You’re as good as everyone. You might need to remind yourself there is many other people in your conditions and many more others  much worse.

6. Talk to someone.

As always when we feel down first thing that happens is shut yourself down from others. Well, don’t. Talk to your partner or to someone your close to. It kind a makes you feel better when you share what you have in your heart. Plus people you love always will try to help you.

Some donts:

  • Keep away from gamling machines.
  • Avoid heavy drinking alcohol.
  • Stay away from drugs.

Keep going, keep smiling. Better days are ahead.

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17 responses to “How To Cope With Money Worries

  1. Excellent advise. The only thing I would add is pray. Look up to the One Who is acquainted with grief and comforts the hurting. God says ask Me. Call unto me and I will show you great and mighty things. I know My plans for you. Plans for a future filled with hope. Plans to prosper you not bring calamity.

    Reblogging! “-)

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  3. This one caught my attention. I have noticed that being unemployed is much worse these days than say ten years ago. Government cannot provide as it was before, and people are in much worse condition, some even being evicted. I would add a good advice – learn to live frugally, even if you are well off. Yet.

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