5 Tips To Let Go Of Little Things

Some nights you might find yourself rolling in bed. You can’t get to sleep. Overthinking about: Dealing with your neighbours sarcasm. A car cut you off while you driving. You get a nasty message from your ex. They served you cold breakfast today….

These things and more happen everyday. But when it happens to you it affects you and sometimes can ruin your day. You get annoyed, upset, stressed, angry.

There is somethings we don’t have control in life. But why do we pay so much attention to these little things, anyway. Maybe we should learn to not overthink about little things in everyday life. Just accept them and let them go.

I know sometimes it’s hard to let these things go because we get attached to our outcome. Aha, was your neighbour been sarcastic, he thinks I am weak. He thinks I run scared of him. The negative energy keeps coming…

Here is few tips how to learn to let go of little things:

1. Negative thinking  weighs you down.

It could be the first thing in the morning. You get angry. It feels like you just started off your day on wrong foot.

Dont invest too much energy or pay to much attention to these little things. It happens. Accept it. Let it go.

2. Manage your emotions.

Ok, I get it. You got angry or upset. But first is it really worth all this worry. Is just a small situation. Is it worth ruining your entire day? Ask yourself: will this matter in a week time, or a month? I doubt it.

Calm yourself down with some deep breaths. Focus on love instead of anger and hate. Let it go.

3. Remember sometimes life is just testing  your patience and tolerance.

When it happens you might don’t think that but just take a moment and think about it now. Were you patient or not? Be honest with yourself. You could have managed the situation much better if you were patient. Life test us sometimes how patient and tolerant we’re. Learn from it and let go of these little things.

4. Free your mind, don’t waste your time.

When something like it happens you keep thinking and wasting your energy on it. Energy and precious time. Let it go and free your mind. Surely there is hundreds of happy things to think about.

Letting go of little things that don’t matter can lead your mind to much better things in life. It also let flow of positive energy in your body. It’s what you need to start your day.

5. Focus on the positive side of situation.

Smart people have the ability to always find a positive side in any situation. If your co-worker was being sarcastic maybe they only wanted to create a fun and laughter moment. If a driver cut you off you managed to stop in time and that proves you can drive even when feeling under pressure.

Yes in anything we encounter there is something positive. The very least we learn a lesson. So it all depends on how we choose to respond to these people and situations. Over all is not worth wasting time and energy in those little things. Let it go.

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