7 Ways To Be More Resilient In Tough Times

Smart people say always have a plan in life. Others say just listen to your heart and go with it you don’t need a plan. In both scenarios many times we face big challenges in our journey. When we not expect it tough times hit us where it hurts most.

It could be a life change situation. What do you do then? What we need is the resilince to cope and adapt with situation.

Resilience is ones capacity to cope and recover from adversity.

How to develop recilience when we need it most?

1. Acknowledge the situation.

Whatever it might be, a job loss, a divorce, or a lost of a loved one. It has happened. You can’t live in denial. Acknowledge it, accept the situation. The sooner we move from denial to acceptance the better. It’s tough. Be resilient. Be strong. Don’t give up.

2. Control your emotions, before they control you.

Being resilient mean being strong and having a positive outlook in life in every situation. Even when bad happens find that positive attitude. Remember every situation is temporary. This will change as time passes. Change is inevitable. So hang on in there. Keep breathing. Think clearly. Manage your emotions. It’s crucial at this stage.

3. Stay strong.

Show resilience. Stay tough. Tougher than situation. Keep living your life. Think what might the solution be. What can you do. Think. Something will turn up. Light with shine, again. Keep believing. Grow stronger. Keep going, further.

4. Never give up.

Failure and mistakes is the path towards success in life. Resilient people know that. Therefore they refuse to give up. If you failed remember that is not the end. That is just the beginning of your journey.

5. Maintain your relationships.

You have your personal and professional relationships. It means you are surrounded by caring people. Talk to these people you’re close to. They will support you through the process. Sometimes love is all what we need. Love help us be more resilient when we most need it. Maintaining these relationship through hard times is vital.

6. Show you care, and that wont change.

There is something great on giving to others. Something that is hard to describe. So keep giving, even in these tough times. Show you still care and that wont change. It most will shred some light in to your soul and heart. And you know you need that light to get through change. It’s about growing the resilience while you keep believing and keep hoping.

7. Your dreams could be just around the corner.

Resilient people always find the positive stuff into a negative situation. They keep their dreams alive. They refuse to let it go. It’s their life meaning. It’s what they believe in, what they builded through life. These people know how to addapt to change. They know their dreams could be just around the corner.

Resilience teach us once again the lesson that tough times shall pass at some point and better days lay ahead of you. So grow resilient and keep smiling.

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