Rely On No-One But Yourself

I had a childhood best friend. We grew up together. We went to high school together. Then both to college. I use to think we were so close, I could always depend on him  and he always could depend on me. We played football, we laughed so much all the time we were together. It was good times and very close friendship. But one day we choose to walk in different paths. He went on and become a business man. I went to University and become unemployed after I finished it. He had his sports cars I used public transport. As time went by we hardly spoke.

As the saying goes: we come to this world alone, we depart alone. Just the truth.

If you’re lucky and you have a good family, we can rely emotionally on these people. Your parents always, always, always will be there for you.

But it’s worth remembering humans are egocentric creatures. And that’s the way it is. So build your life, and depend on no-one but yourself.

Why you should only depend on yourself and no-one else?

1. You can make it alone, anyone can.

As a human your complete. You have what you need to make your world as good as anyone else. You have the passion and the drive. You have the desire and courage. And that’s the tools. Any support you get, it might help but your the captain of the boat so all depends on you, how far you will take it.

2. Support and help is all words, the person to take action is you.

“I believe in you”. “You can do this”. “You are strong and wise you are the best person for the job”. “If that way is not working then try on a different prespective”. “Come here I give you hug”. That is all the help you get. All words. The person to take action is you. You know why?  Because is your life.

3. Learn the lesson of being independent.

At the end of the day to be truly happy you need to be independent. I know it’s hard. You’ll find this out in first day that you tell yourself you going to build your future and rely on no-one. Soon as you stand on your own two feet. You still have friends and close family. That is so great. But you are the one to sail your boat and make your mark.

4. When times get ugly you are the best person that will take you through.

Life in not a fairy tale. It can get very tough. That’s the reality. Don’t rely on your friend to come and give you a hand. If they haven’t let you down yet,  it will happen one day.  You embrace the challenge and look out for opportunities. You learn to live alone. Hard times hit us hard. They might hurt us but when you get through you feel stronger. You feel that you can believe in yourself.

5. A friend only can help you so much.

You might say, I have good friends and good friends help you always. Yes but our friends have their own lives to live. They have their families and so much going on for themselves. So it all boils down to you. Your life your doing. Make it great.

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16 responses to “Rely On No-One But Yourself

  1. I struggle with this because I understand the importance of being strong and independent, but also believe you need to live life in numbers, having family and friends. Basically we need to be able to survive within our own skin and have others we can do life with. Thank you for pushing my brain cells a little on this post. Love it.

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  2. You have to be your own best friend. It isn’t possible to be alone when you are with Self. I have found that with that thought that having relationships are icing on the cake but the cake remains solid and good. Take the icing away and I’m still me. In all my pureness of love and compassion.
    Great job!!

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