How To Find That Peace Of Mind

I was tired and it was late. I thought I was going to feel asleep soon as I lay in bed. But I couldn’t go to sleep for while. I knew what’s wrong. My mind was like a sea in a stormy day.  So much waves.

Yes I think our minds are a bit like a sea. When there is not much anxiety or worries the minds relax just like a sea in a nice day. No waves. When you start worring about something, when you stress out, when you become anxious the thoughts are in the fast move. The sea is so windy and waves are throwing, coming and going. The state of mind is unstable, worry, unrest, anxiety.   Thoughts keep banging in your mind.

How can we reach the calmness and the peace of mind?

1. Meditation.

We go through life a lot. Everyday is a new challenge. We strive to do our best. Stress fights with our strength every single day. Find that moment and relax your mind. It’s not about how to survive is about how to enjoy. It’s more to life than this….

There is said more than enough about meditation. It’s a moment when you let go of everything in your mind. Just breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Your brain find the rest. Meditation activates the parts of your brain that gives us a peaceful moment. A break, from all worries.

It’s easy to meditate. You sit down in a quiet room. Shut your eyes and focus on breathing. Your back straight. Redirect your focus in that moment of mindful breathing.

Meditate for 15 to 30 minutes a day. It’s proven that meditation reduces stress and anxiety. You’ll find the inner peace and harmony within yourself.

2. Disconect with media channels.

Let’s face the truth. It’s so much of bad news. People getting killed. You feel down. People in need for clean drinking water and food. You can’t help, you feel down. There is so much going on. The adverts on telly feel so much aggressive. Life just get overwhelmed…

Solution? Yes, turn it off. You’ll get the information anyway. Disconnect from media channels. Think charity starts from home. No need to feel sorry.

3.  Forgive and move on.

To often times we hold grudges. It becomes a heavy burden. We can’t move on. It’s stops us from enjoying life. We can’t find that peace of mind so much needed.

Remember things happens to people. Once it happen you cant change it. No-one can. Forgive and let go. It’s hard to let go somone that has hurt us. But there is no point. Let go of pain and hurt. When you forgive you become a better person, you learn to chose the inner peace and happiness instead of anger and revenge.  Forgive and move on with life.

4. Grow patience and tolerance.

We happen to see people doing things that we dont approve of. Someone using their mobile while they driving, someone else throwing their rubbish in the floor. You encounter anger. It’s not right.

Ok, remember we live in a world far from perfect. Cultivate patience and be tolerant towards these people. You wont change them, so what’s the point of losing your cool with these people’s behaviour.

5. Walk in the nature.

This is a powerful way of finding the inner peace of mind. Take a walk out in nearest park or forest in nature. You feel grounded and away from stressful life. This is very effective way to find that relax in our minds. Just connect with the beauty of nature. Peace all around, peace in your mind.

6. Dont pay attention to what others think.

Most of us worry a great deal what others think about us. Well, don’t. It’s your life, live it to the full.

7. Help others when you can.

Never stop doing little things for others. Making people happy is such a beautiful thing. Seeing a smile in someones face will make you deeply happy too. It’s a great feeling.

You find the peace of mind when you learn not to worry about things that you can’t control or change. When you be more patient, more tolerant. When you cultivate more  love and peace.

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