8 Ways To Return To Present Moment

We spend hours and days without taking notice of the precence of now. We rush to go to work. Concentrate on the process of giving 100%. Then go for lunch. Talk about weather. Make no sence. Rush back home. Another day gone. And another night.

We tend to think a lot when alone. Sometimes about the past. About the people from the past. They take just so much our time. It might be people who had a great affect in our lives. Other times we try to imagine how our future life will be.

But why can’t we just live in the moment? Why we find it that hard?

Here are some ways how to return yourself in the present moment:

1. Focus in the surroundings.

These days it’s just hard to focus on what is it right there in front of you. Or in back ground. When so much is going on in our minds. Busy stressful routine even if you doing nothing at all. Busy minds.

Return yourself in the present moment by focusing right here right now. What is around you? Take notice of every little thing, of every little detail.

Are you walking around? Stop for a moment and look at everything around you. Some nice houses, trees, fresh air, sunshine. And you, connecting with NOW.

2. Take mindful breaths.

Just take some deep breaths. Breathe in and out. Mindful breaths, like nothing else exists. You are here, you are now. You not dwelling about the past. You breathing. You are living in this moment.

3. Focus in your body energy.

Take notice of your body energy. Focus in your inner body. You’ll feel the energy. Even when you just  breathe you notice the energy flow in your body.

4. Observe your emotions.

We get caught in our thoughts and feelings. It’s when we forget where we are and what we meant to do.

Get back in the Now moment. And enjoy whatever you doing. Listen to music, or listen the bird singing or just appreciate the sunshine.

5. Meditate often.

Meditation is about focusing in the very moment. Notice your deep breaths. Pay attention to your inner self. Live, breathe, live.

Meditation is one of the best ways to practise living in the present moment. Nothing matters but you and the moment.

6. Slow down.

Are you too busy with your daily routine? Is it the same every day just rushing around to get more done? Then you are not living in the moment. The present is just sliping away from you.

Slow down. Go and grab a cup of coffee and fully enjoy it. Don’t let the busyness get on your way of living in the present moment.

7. Show curiosity.

Yes be curious in things you see. Even in things you know and seen before. Showing curiousity it’s paying attention to the world you live everyday. It’s about focus in the Now. Yes mind your own business, but learn how to return yourself in that very moment in time.

8. Focus on your senses.

Stop and observe what see. Not judging good or bad, ugly or beatiful. Just observe. Shut your eyes and focus in what you hear, (people talking, a car driving away),what you feel, (a cool breeze), what you smell (scent of flowers and trees). Then open your eyes and list what you can see. This exercise will make you appreciate the things you see, what you feel and what you hear. It’s about returning yourself fully in the time of Now.

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5 responses to “8 Ways To Return To Present Moment

  1. This is a great inspiration and reminder to live in the present. #2 is the best one to have as your “go to” during the day. When you come back to your breathe it is powerful and calming. Thank you Seb!


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