Why You Should Sleep Naked

You get back from work, have a shower pyjamas on and back in your sofa watching some crap on telly. That is all good. When is time to go bed you just throw yourself between sheets… But why you should throw your pyjamas away and sleep naked. Don’t you believe me that is good for your health? Read on.. I think I will convince you so tonight you’ll have a better night sleep, all naked…

We spend money on pyjamas. A set cost around  £40. Than you need to wash these regularly… Get rid of them..

Studies reveal sleeping naked have a lot of health benefits.

1. Oxytocin feel good.

Once you lay in bed naked next to your partner there is this special feeling of skin to skin touching. It’s a bit hard to put into words. Have you experienced it?

That good feeling is released in bodies by oxytocin hormone. It also  reduces stress and depression and diminish the blood temperature.

It definitelly turns you on if your naked body touchs your partners naked body helping improve sex life.

2. Live younger.

It’s all about regulating the body temperature when you sleep. Most times we don’t even realise it. It goes up.

Experts say  when in bed your body temperature should be under 21C. On that temperature your body release antiaging hormones. To achieve that get off your pyjamas.

3. Feel free.

You know as I do how free you feel naked between sheets. It’s a nice feeling. The body don’t overheat and you get into a deep sleep.

4. Stronger immune system.

Sleeping without clothes stop our bodies from releasing growth hormone. Your body wont burn any fat for bones skin repair. It control the level of cortisol in your body too. Over all it strengthen the immune system.

5. Self aware about your body.

Once you throw away your clothes you feel great in bed. Then you will do it again and again. You get used to your naked body. Maybe if there was something you didn’t like about it you change that thought. You start accepting and loving your body. Therefore you increase the self-esteem.

6. Maintain sex life.

It’s healthy for woman and men sleeping without any clothes. All naked. That’s right. It’s proven that it keeps your vagina clear from infections. But it also works for men too.

Over all feeling naked with your partner in bed is a invitation to explore each others body. So it leads to a better sex life. Try it tonight. And maybe in the morning too.

7. Better skin, better health.

We always seem to under estimate little things. We forget little things add up and ad up. It’s up to you, it’s your life, your choice.

Studies has proven all the health benefits of sleeping without any clothes.

Another one is when all naked your skin get a chance to breathe freely. The blood circulation improves too.

Oh after all you’ll have a great night sleep. Next morning wake up full of energy. Feel good. Jump in the shower and ready to start a new day with a big smile on your face.

Yay, throw your pyjamas away.

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12 responses to “Why You Should Sleep Naked

  1. Okay it is the scientific method for me. I need to be as healthy and happy as possible, so l shall be telling my husband forget about those pjs. I was laughing and smiling as l read each point in your post. It was both informative and most entertaining. Take care Cally.

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